December 30th, 2011
11:02 AM ET

Get To Know Ashleigh and Zoraida

The anchors of Early Start with Ashleigh Banfield & Zoraida Sambolin talk about their new jobs at CNN just before their show launch on January 2nd.

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December 29th, 2011
02:24 PM ET

Sorenson says talk with Bachmann about money never happened

Today on CNN Newsroom, Michele Bachmann's former Iowa Campaign Chairman Kent Sorenson answered her accusation that he left her campaign because of large financial offer from the Ron Paul campaign.

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December 28th, 2011
06:33 PM ET

Santorum on whether he would vote for Ron Paul in 2012: "Absolutely"

CNN's Wolf Blitzer, who today anchored The Situation Room from Dubuque, Iowa, asked Rick Santorum in an interview if he could vote for Ron Paul in a 2012 general election:

WOLF BLITZER:  If he were the Republican nominee for president, would you be able to vote for him?


BLITZER:  You would?

SANTORUM:  Oh, yes.


On Rep. Ron Paul's views on national security:

SANTORUM: I'm nervous about it, but Barack Obama is this far away from Ron Paul on national security.  No, he doesn't want to bring everybody back, but he's bringing a lot of folks back, and he is threatening and has promised to slash our military.  Not as much as Ron Paul, but a lot.  And I think a second term with Barack Obama, I'm not too sure will look that different than a Ron Paul administration when it comes to national security.

CNN Political Ticker: Santorum on CNN poll: 'Hard work pays off'
December 28th, 2011
06:16 PM ET

Romney on Gingrich: I don't know why he's so angry....

CNN's Wolf Blitzer sat down with Mitt Romney and his wife Ann Romney to talk about a wide range of issues from Mrs. Romney’s health to who convinced Mitt Romney to run for president again. Highlights from the interview are after the jump.

Please credit all usage of the interview to CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

EMBEDDABLE VIDEO:  Romney: I would vote for Ron Paul

EMBEDDABLE VIDEO:  Romneys discuss their darkest hour

CNN Political Ticker: Romney: Why is Newt so angry?
December 28th, 2011
01:39 PM ET

CNN Coverage of Iowa Caucuses

On Jan. 3, the night of the Iowa caucuses, CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Erin Burnett, Candy Crowley and John King will lead CNN’s election night coverage from 7 p.m.-midnight from the CNN Election Center and live from Iowa. Chief political analyst Gloria Borger, senior political analyst David Gergen, along with political contributors James Carville, Ari Fleischer, Dana Loesch and Roland Martin, will be on hand to offer expert analysis. Piers Morgan will broadcast a special edition of Piers Morgan Tonight at midnight.

The day kicks off with Soledad O’Brien in her new time slot, reporting and anchoring from Des Moines, Iowa from 7-9 a.m. and Ashleigh Banfield and Zoraida Sambolin anchoring from the CNN Election Center from 5-7 a.m.

Leading up to and through caucus night, chief political correspondent Candy Crowley will anchor and report from Iowa beginning Dec. 28 through Jan. 3. In addition, State of the Union with Candy Crowley will originate live from Des Moines on Jan. 1 at 9 a.m./noon, ET.

On Sunday, Jan. 1, CNN will kick off the network’s “America’s Choice 2012” coverage with a prime-time special Countdown to Iowa: Final 48 Hours with Blitzer anchoring live from the Election Center. The two-hour political special will air at 8 p.m. and replay at 11 p.m. In addition, CNN will launch The Contenders 2012 series on Saturday, Dec. 31 from 2-6 p.m. and Sunday, Jan. 1 from 2-5 p.m. The distinctive coverage, anchored by Crowley live from Iowa, will give viewers a chance to learn more about the 2012 GOP presidential candidates by capturing unedited, uninterrupted remarks from campaign events throughout the weekend.

“As the only cable news channel that has not chosen a side in this election, CNN will tap into the expertise of our anchors, reporters and analysts to equip viewers with information to decide for themselves about the candidates,” said Sam Feist, CNN senior vice president and Washington bureau chief. “In an election year where international events and the economy and jobs are of great concern to voters, CNN provides broader and more in-depth reporting than any other network.”

CNN will have more reporters on the ground in Iowa this year than in past Republican primary elections. On the ground in Iowa will be national political correspondent Jim Acosta,  senior political correspondent Joe Johns, senior congressional correspondent Dana Bash, chief White House correspondent Jessica Yellin and CNN Radio Capitol Hill correspondent Lisa Desjardins. In addition, reporting from Iowa will be CNN senior political analyst Ron Brownstein, along with CNN political contributors Paul Begala, Donna Brazile, Alex Castellanos, Erick Erickson, David Frum and Mary Matalin.

CNN reporters who have been embedded in key, early voting states for the past several months including political reporter Shannon Travis, political producers Shawna Shepherd and Rachel Streitfeld and CNN’s political reporter-at-large Peter Hamby will all be in Iowa playing a role in caucus night coverage.

Technology and Social Media (#CNNElections):
On caucus night, Tuesday, Jan. 3, CNN will unveil a brand new Election Center studio, complete with new technology and data visualization capabilities. Anchor and chief national correspondent John King will utilize new features on CNN’s Magic Wall to explore the incoming results more in-depth than in the past. CNN will also utilize dual-screen technology to examine demographics and to track how voters cast their votes via CNN’s entrance polls. In addition, the network will aggregate social media conversations, by using #CNNElections, and display users’ sentiments about particular candidates or issues in real time.
Online on the day of the Iowa caucuses, will host real-time reports from the network’s political correspondents and anchors on the ground in Iowa and the region throughout the weeks leading up to the voting there.

On caucus night, will live stream the events in Iowa. Users will also be able to track results by county as they come in at the CNN Election Center and through the CNN Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android.  Also launching in time for the Iowa caucus is the CNN GOP Delegate Calculator. After each caucus or primary, users can submit their best guesses for which presidential candidates will win each state and compare their predictions to those of the CNN political experts.

CNN iReport, the network’s global participatory news community, will be asking for submissions related to the Iowa caucus, some of which will be shown across and broadcast on CNN.

CNN en Español and CNN International:
CNN en Español will offer extensive coverage of the Jan. 3 Iowa Caucuses with correspondent Ione Molinares reporting live from Iowa throughout the day. Starting at 7 p.m., Washington D.C. anchor Juan Carlos López will host a special edition of Directo USA and will be joined by a panel of political contributors Maria Cardona, Juan Hernandez and Roberto Izurieta to offer analysis of the events of the day and the perspectives for this primary election process. CNN International will simulcast the domestic network’s coverage beginning at 7 p.m.

CNN Worldwide, a division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner Company, is the most trusted source for news and information. Its reach extends to nine cable and satellite television networks; one private place-based network; two radio networks; wireless devices around the world; CNN Digital Network, the No. 1 network of news Web sites in the United States; CNN Newsource, the world’s most extensively syndicated news service; and strategic international partnerships within both television and the digital media.



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December 27th, 2011
05:16 PM ET

Gingrich on Ron Paul: "He's not going to get the nomination. It won't happen."

In an interview today on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, GOP presidential candidate and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich sat down  with Wolf Blitzer to talk about his campaign for the White House and much more. Three highlights from the interview are after the jump and a full transcript will be posted on

Please credit all usage of the interview to CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

EMBEDDABLE VIDEO: Gingrich: Ron Paul's views outlandish

EMBEDDABLE VIDEO: Gingrich: First divorce misreported

EMBEDDABLE VIDEO: Gingrich: Let Congress subpoena judges

CNN Political Ticker: Gingrich: Romney should 'own' negative campaign


Gingrich wouldn't vote for Ron Paul
December 23rd, 2011
02:28 PM ET

Rep. Huelskamp to CNN on his possible objection to the payroll tax cut deal

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) spoke with CNN about his possible objection to the payroll tax cut deal. Two highlights from the interview are after the jump.

Please credit all usage of the interview to CNN

December 22nd, 2011
05:50 PM ET

Sen. Schumer: We are very glad because it's a win for the American people.

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) spoke with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer today about the payroll tax cut deal. This interview aired in the 5 p.m. ET hour of The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. A highlight from the interview is after the jump.

Please credit all usage of the interview to CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

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December 22nd, 2011
11:05 AM ET

Actor Will Ferrell has a serious commitment to charity

Actor and comedian Will Ferrell speaks with CNN national correspondent Alina Cho about his charitable contributions to Cancer for College, a foundation that gives scholarship money to young cancer survivors.

Ferrell says that giving back is “the only thing fame is really good for…. That one night a year where we get to give out the scholarship checks supersedes all of that.”

CNN’s "Big Stars, Big Giving" special airs on Saturday, December 24th at 2p ET and re-airs on Sunday, December 25 at 4p ET.

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December 22nd, 2011
10:54 AM ET

Uproar over Egytian activist's assault

CNN's Mohammed Jamjoom (@jamjoomCNN) in Cairo reports on women defying Egypt's military.  Jamjoom visits Azza Hilal Suleiman in the hospital, a woman beaten by the military forces for coming to the aid of another female protester who was also beaten by the military forces.

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