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CNN International

March 8th, 2021

The CNN Freedom Project investigates the extent of bonded labour in India’s silk industry

Silk Slaves will air Saturday 13th March on CNN International CNN International is to broadcast a new documentary highlighting one […]

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February 24th, 2021

CNN Wins George Polk Award for Reporting from Wuhan at Onset of Covid-19 Pandemic

CNN international correspondent David Culver, producer Yong Xiong and photojournalist Natalie Thomas have won the George Polk Award for Foreign […]

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February 11th, 2021

CNN’s #MyFreedomDay returns as students pledge to end modern slavery

CNN’s #MyFreedomDay – a student-led and social media driven event to raise awareness of modern-day slavery – returns on Tuesday […]

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January 31st, 2021

How to Watch THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA – A Fareed Zakaria Special on CNN

CNN SPECIAL REPORT: THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA – What Is Tearing Us Apart?  Fareed Zakaria Special Debuts Sunday, January […]

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January 25th, 2021

CNN partners with the UN, UNESCO and the IHRA for Holocaust Commemoration Day

Atlanta, January 25th 2021.  CNN is partnering with the UN, UNESCO and the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance for this year’s […]

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