October 5th, 2014
11:35 AM ET

PM Netanyahu on Fareed Zakaria GPS

CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS features an interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Fareed Zakaria and Prime Minister Netanyahu discuss negotiations with Hamas, cooperation with Arab nations, prospects of a two-state solution, and nuclear proliferation in Iran.


Netanyahu on cooperation with Arab states: “There's a commonality of interests that has crystallized and I've never seen in my lifetime, because they - all the Arab states identify, as we do, these twin challenges of a nuclear Iran and the radical Sunnis making inroads into Sunni states.”

Netanyahu on negotiating with Hamas: “I negotiate with an enemy who wants to stop being my enemy. That’s how you make peace. An enemy who wants to destroy you remains committed to your obliteration is not - is not someone you can negotiate with.”

Netanyahu on Iran’s nuclear program: “They say we want civilian nuclear energy. Well, so does Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Sweden. Seventeen countries that have civilian nuclear energy and they don't have a single centrifuge, because you really need centrifuges not for civilian energy, but to make bombs.”

Netanyahu on a Palestinian state: “I think the solution lies in long-term security arrangements that involve Israel for a protracted period of time”

 A full transcript of the interview is available after the jump.


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September 28th, 2014
03:28 PM ET

Rouhani: Iran is "against terrorism"

CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS features an interview with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani regarding the threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the P5+1 nuclear negotiations, and the harsh judgment by Islamic authorities in Iran.


Rouhani on Iran’s stance towards terrorism: “Iran, from the very first moment, did not hesitate in fighting against terrorism.  Other countries apparently had their doubts for quite some time.  They were under the impression that, be it as it may, they acted quite late in the game.”


Rouhani on the P5+1 negotiations: “today we have a - we are faced with a very good opportunity vis-a-vis the nuclear talks and negotiations. This good opportunity was created in reality only last year.  In result of the expression of the political will of the majority of the people of Iran and their vast participation in those elections and the mandates received out of those elections. A new atmosphere was created in result of all of that.  We must all make good use of it, our side, as well as 5-Plus-1. Everyone together must make good use of this historic opportunity.”


Rouhani on the persecution of dancers in the “Happy” video: “I, as the president of Iran, have been sworn and put there by the will of the people to protect the constitution. If the constitution is ever violated, it is my legal responsibility to take the appropriate steps and implement appropriate actions. “

 A full transcript of the interview is available after the jump.

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September 28th, 2014
03:09 PM ET

Shimon Peres on Fareed Zakaria GPS

On CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS, Fareed sits down with Shimon Peres who has worked at the highest levels of Israel’s government for decades. Peres discusses the prospects for peace in the Middle East and his future career aspirations.


Peres on Palestinian statehood: “I think they have to give to them the state.  I don't have the slightest doubt about it”

Peres on security in the Middle East: “I don't think there will be more wars.  It's being replaced by terror.  It's a difficult sort of a conflict.  Usually, you have two armies. One won, the other lost.  But now we have hundreds and hundreds of small terrorist groups.  They don't have a policy.  They have more of a protest. They don't have a tomorrow.  They are going back to yesterday.”

A full transcript of the interview is available a after the jump.

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September 21st, 2014
11:10 AM ET

Bill Clinton on Fareed Zakaria GPS

CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS features an interview with Bill Clinton. As former U.S. President Bill Clinton prepares for the 2014 annual meetings of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City, Fareed Zakaria spoke with him about the recent plans announced by President Barack Obama on the U.S. contributions to the Ebola outbreak in Africa, and what he feels the U.S. should do about the terrorist group ISIS.


Clinton on Syria: ​“I supported two years ago the proposal that Hillary and Secretary Panetta and then CIA director, General Petraeus, made to give more robust armed support to the Syrians. But I well understood why the president was reluctant to do it because, as you see in Libya, there’s still lots of militia groups there who like America.”

​Clinton on the fight against ISIS in Iraq: "the Iraqi government is now more inclusive than it has been since the fall of Saddam Hussein. And that seems to be awakening, if you will, the willingness of the Sunni tribal leaders to participate in fighting. We know the Kurds and the Peshmerga are willing to fight. If we can help them and support them, I think the larger fight against ISIS can continue as it should – as a local struggle for the freedom and liberty of the people"

Clinton on Russian expansion into Ukraine: "President Yeltsin, in return for Ukraine getting rid of all of its nuclear weapons and sending them to Russia, signed an agreement with me and the then president of Ukraine saying that Russia would always respect Ukraine's territorial integrity. President Putin said it was an agreement, not a treaty, therefore I'm not bound by it. I just think it's a bum rap that expanding NATO caused all this. You know, that - you made me invade Georgia and you made me invade Ukraine because they were the only two countries on my border that weren't part of NATO? I mean come on, it just - it's not a credible thing."

A full transcript of the interview is available after the jump.

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Fmr President Bill Clinton on Fareed Zakaria GPS – Sunday, Sept. 21 at 10:00amET
September 19th, 2014
04:43 PM ET

Fmr President Bill Clinton on Fareed Zakaria GPS – Sunday, Sept. 21 at 10:00amET

As former U.S. President Bill Clinton prepares for the 2014 annual meetings of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City, Fareed Zakaria spoke with him about the recent plans announced by President Barack Obama on the U.S. contributions to the Ebola outbreak in Africa, and what he feels the U.S. should do about the terrorist group ISIS.

The wide-ranging interview will air inside the Sunday, Sept. 21st edition of CNN's FAREED ZAKARIA GPS.

Fareed Zakaria GPS Airtimes Sunday Sept. 21, 2014

All Times Eastern
CNN International: 3:00p.m.
CNN/U.S.: 10:00a.m., encore at 1:00p.m.

September 19th, 2014
08:56 AM ET

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Speaks to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS Global Television Exclusive

Premieres Sunday, Sept. 21

 As he prepares for his first address before the world stage of the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will sit down with Fareed Zakaria for a global exclusive and wide-ranging interview to air on CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS international affairs program on Sunday, Sept. 21.

The interview was taped on Saturday, Sept. 13 at the Prime Minister’s official residence at 7 Race Course Road in New Delhi, and marks Modi’s first since he was elected Prime Minister of India.

Prime Minister Modi discusses India’s economic growth, relations with China and the United States, terrorism, and more.


In India on Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014 (Indian Standard Time):

  • CNN: 4:30p.m.

In the United States on Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014 (Eastern Time):

  • CNN International: 7:00a.m., encore at 3:00p.m.
  • CNN/U.S.: 10:00a.m., encore at 1:00p.m.
August 3rd, 2014
09:57 AM ET

Polish FM Sikorski on Russian sanctions

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria sat down with  Poland's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Radoslaw Sikorski, to discuss the latest sanctions on Russia and NATO's role in Poland.


Polish FM Sikorski on Russian sanctions

ZAKARIA:  Do you feel that there are any signs in the past that even the threat of these sanctions have had the effect presumably that you want, which is that Russia should stop supplying arms and people in Eastern Ukraine? My sense is, if anything, is that in the last week or two, those activities have sort of stepped up and the Russians themselves appear to be firing missiles at Ukrainian government planes.

SIKORSKI:  These sanctions, I think, will get President Putin's attention and will show that, despite what he has apparently thought, the West, as a moral community, exists.  And can be united when we see the fundamental norms of international relations are undermined. Hitherto, I think Russian authorities assumed they could always play us off one against the other, and that we are incapable of joint action. This is the first indication that we are. FULL POST

July 27th, 2014
01:39 PM ET

Fmr. Sec. Hillary Clinton to Fareed Zakaria: Putin indirectly responsible for MH17

CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS featured an interview with Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Clinton spoke with Fareed about the Russian Reset, the United States’ relationship with Vladimir Putin, and the crisis between Israel and the Palestinians in the Middle East.

Text Highlights

Clinton on Putin’s Character:

CLINTON: Well, he's very tough. He's a very, um, arrogant, uh, person to deal with, um, which I think is a combination of this vision of Russia and some fundamental insecurity, uh, because when you are dealing with him, he often acts as though he could care less. Uh, he's not interested.  Even talking with him about getting Russia into the World Trade Organization, which is something the Obama administration was determined to do because we want to have a rules-based order...


CLINTON: - insofar as possible, um, proved difficult to deal with him.  You know, he acts, you know, bored and dismissive.  So he has a lot of personas that he pulls out if he wants to stare intently at you with his very, you know, bright blue eyes, because he wants something from you or he wants to convey a message to you, he can turn on the charm. But he can also be, you know, very tough to deal with and act as though it's a burden on him to be in conversations with other world leaders.

Clinton on Putin’s Involvement in MH17:

First, I think if there were any doubt, it should be gone by now, that Vladimir Putin, certainly indirectly, through his support of the insurgents in Eastern Ukraine and the supply of advanced weapons and, frankly, the presence of Russian special forces and intelligence agents bears responsibility for what happened to, uh, the shoot down of the airline.


A full transcript of this interview is available after the jump.

July 20th, 2014
02:58 PM ET

Zbigniew Brzezinski on Putin: "He has gotten himself into a horrendous jam."

CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS featured an interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor. Brzezinski spoke with Fareed about what is likely to happen next in the Ukraine/Russia conflict after the downing of MH17 and gave his take on the Israeli /Hamas conflict.



Brzezinski on European reaction to MH17: “My sense is that the European public opinion is aroused.  This humanitarian issue is so tragic, so painful, so cruel and so unnecessary that the Europeans are beginning to be moved.  But each of the major European leaders has a role to play.  Chancellor Merkel has to face the fact that her predecessor, also a chancellor, was one of the creators of Europe's dependence on Russian energy supplies. Does Europe want to become a satellite?  I think President Hollande has to face the fact that he cannot now, at this moment, be sending advanced arms to help Russia.  Prime Minister Cameron should face the fact that the city of London has become a Las Vegas for Russian financial transactions that are self-serving. There are responsibilities these leaders have to face and they have public opinions which I think are becoming increasingly aware that this is truly a moment of decisive significance for the future of the system - of the world system.”

 Brzezinski on the idea of a new Cold War: “I would say that we're not starting the Cold War.  He (Putin) has started it.  But he has gotten himself into horrendous jam.  I strongly suspect that a lot of people in Russia, even not far away from him who are worried that Russia's status in the world is dramatically being undermined, that Russia's economically beginning to fail, that Russia's threatened by the prospect of becoming a satellite to China, that Russia's becoming self-isolated and discredited.”

 Brzezinksi on Netanyahu’s strategy is Gaza: “No, I think he (Netanyahu) is making a very serious mistake.  When Hamas, in effect, accepted the notion of participation in the Palestinian leadership it, in effect, acknowledged the determination of that leadership to seek a peaceful solution from Israel - with Israel.  That was a real option.  They should have persisted in that.  Instead Netanyahu launched the campaign of defamation against Hamas, seized on the killing of three innocent Israeli kids to immediately charge Hamas with having done it without any evidence, and has used that to stir up public opinion in Israel in order to justify this attack on Gaza which is so lethal.  I think he is isolating Israel.  He's endangering its longer-range future and I think we ought to make it very clear that this is a course of action which we thoroughly disapprove and which we do not support and which may compel us and the rest of the international community to take some steps of legitimizing Palestinian aspirations perhaps in the U.N.”

A full transcript of the interview is available after the jump.


July 13th, 2014
10:46 AM ET

Swedish FM Carl Bildt: POTUS handle on Ukraine crisis 'better than he's given credit for'

CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS features an interview with the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Prime Minister of Sweden, Carl Bildt.  Bildt speaks with Fareed about Russia's continued tension with Ukraine and how the West- particularly President Obama- has responded to the situation. In addition, Bildt also reveals his thoughts about how this crisis may play out over the next two years.

While discussing President Obama's handle on the Ukrainian situation, Bildt said to Fareed, "...nothing is perfect, but I think it's been better than he's given credit for."

A transcript and a web exclusive video from the interview are available after the jump.


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