CNN #1 in Cable News Last Week among Adults 25-54 for Third Straight Week
October 18th, 2016
05:18 PM ET

CNN #1 in Cable News Last Week among Adults 25-54 for Third Straight Week

Erin Burnett OutFront Beats Fox News’ On the Record with Brit Hume for 8 Straight Days, Longest Streak Ever

Reliable Sources Beats Fox News’ Media Buzz for Three Weeks

CNN Beats Fox News and MSNBC for 9 of the last 12 Days


CNN was #1 in cable news last week (October 10-16) in Total Day and Prime time among adults 25-54; Fox News followed, MSNBC trailed behind.  CNN also ranked #3 in ALL of cable in Total Day among total viewers last week.

Total Day 25-54

CNN 323k

Fox News 300k

MSNBC 228k

(P2+:  CNN 1.052mm, FNC 1.478mm, MSNBC 928k)

M-Su Prime Time 25-54

CNN 478k

Fox News 476k

MSNBC 393k

(P2+:  CNN 1.469mm, FNC 2.493mm, MSNBC 1.612mm)

CNN beat Fox News and MSNBC in Total Day and prime among 25-54 during the weeks of 10/3 and 9/26/2016.  This three week winning streak marks the first time in nearly 15 years that CNN won both dayparts among the demo 25-54 for three weeks in a row (since November 2001).


September 3rd, 2013
10:30 PM ET

Rand Paul to Erin Burnett: "Our goal is stalemate" in Syria

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on "Erin Burnett OutFront" to discuss the administration's presentation to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on military action in Syria.

In the meeting, Secretary of State John Kerry's asserted that Bashar al-Assad will use chemical weapons again if the United States doesn't take action. Sen. Rand told Burnett, "Well, he sounds like he must be a clairvoyant because he can predict the future now and we should ask him for stock picks, who name it, who will win the Kentucky derby next year if he can guarantee the future. No one can guarantee the future."

On whether or not he will hurt the presidency, if he votes 'no' on military action, Sen. Paul said, "I take my responsibility very seriously and I'm not too concerned about the president's public relations. I am concerned, though, about young men and young women who serve in our military. And I vote as if it's my son or your son going to war. I can't send them to war to fight for stalemate. I can't send them to war with no clear military objective and I can't send anybody to war when our goal is not victory. Our goal is stalemate."

"Erin Burnett OutFront" airs weekdays at 7 p.m. ET on CNN.

May 15th, 2013
06:46 PM ET

CNN’s Chris Lawrence gains exclusive access inside Guantanamo Bay

CNN Pentagon correspondent Chris Lawrence is reporting this week from Guantanamo Bay with exclusive access and interviews. Lawrence reported on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

“Wolf, when we got down in some of the cell blocks, we couldn't help but notice that the guards are wearing splash guards.  These are plastic masks that protect them from the feces and urine that's being thrown at them at times. 

And tonight, you know, some of those guards, for the first time, here on CNN, are going on camera to tell their side of the story.

CNN got exclusive access to Camps five and six, where most of the detainees are being held.  We saw individual cells, media rooms with leg shackles bolted to the ground, and communal areas that used to be filled with detainees.”


Daily life at Guantanamo: Hunger strikes, sprays of filth
May 1st, 2013
12:12 PM ET

Nada Bakos, Seth Jones discuss terror watch lists with CNN's Erin Burnett

In the wake of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, CNN's Erin Burnett discussed the nation's process of developing, vetting, and utilizing terror watch lists.  Burnett spoke with Seth Jones of the Rand Corporation and former CIA officer Nada Bakos.

Bakos is also featured in the HBO documentary Manhunt which debuts Wednesday, May 1 at 9:00pm ET.  Manhunt is based upon the best-selling book by CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen, Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for Bin Laden from 9/11 to Abbottabad (2012), and features the riveting tales from the actual CIA insiders who led the search for Osama bin Laden.

Erin Burnett Outfront airs nightly on CNN at 7:00pm and 11:00pm ET.


April 23rd, 2013
02:08 PM ET

CNN's David Mattingly reports how a pressure cooker bomb works for Erin Burnett OutFront

On the trail of reporting more details about how the pressure cooker bombs that exploded near the finish line of last week's Boston Marathon worked, CNN's David Mattingly traveled to New Mexico for an Erin Burnett OutFront investigation to meet with Van Romero of New Mexico Tech.  Romero's team replicated a bomb designed to be similar to the two that exploded in Boston.

Even before seeing the white smoke, Mattingtly reporting feeling the shockwaves emitted from the blast over a quarter mile away – faster than the speed of sound.  It would have been likely that survivors and victims in Boston were injured before they ever heard the explosions.  In addition, the flying hot shrapnel from the device strewed out radially in the form of thousands of weapons that would have been destructive to flesh and tissue.

Romero also had an additional warning for first responders: "unexploded of the bomb that didn't explode ...that could go off at any time."

ERIN BURNETT OutFront airs weeknights at 7:00pm ET.


February 15th, 2013
02:00 PM ET

CNN Coverage: President Obama’s Chicago Address

CNN will broadcast the President’s address from Chicago today, where he visits his home district and the area where Hadiya Pendleton was gunned down after performing in the Inaugural Parade.  Beginning at 3:30pm (ET), Chris Cuomo anchors coverage of the President’s address. Cuomo will host Anderson Cooper 360 from Chicago tonight at 8pm ET, interviewing a woman who has opened up her home to inner city Chicago kids who are living in an urban war zone.  Erin Burnett will interview Rev. Jesse Jackson for tonight’s Erin Burnett OutFront in regards to his criticism of the President’s handling of gun violence in their hometown of Chicago.  Ted Rowlands and Gary Tuchmann report from Chicago.  Rowlands follows Hadiya Pendleton’s murder case, and Tuchmann spends time with gang members who, for the night, put down their weapons. will live stream the President’s address on and on the CNN apps.

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CNNCoverage: Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship Arrival
February 14th, 2013
11:06 AM ET

CNNCoverage: Carnival Triumph Cruise Ship Arrival

The squalid, smelly, steamy cruise ship, which has been without power for days with 4,000 people aboard, is expected to finally limp into port later today.  CNN’s Erin Burnett will anchor Erin Burnett OutFront from Mobile, Alabama, where the ship will dock.  Sandra Endo cover the ship’s arrival by helicopter; Victor Blackwell monitors by boat; and David Mattingly and Martin Savidge report from the dock in Mobile. and the CNN apps will live stream the docking. CNN International will simulcast the arrival later tonight.

Image of Victor Blackwell on 41 foot boat following the arrival of the ship

Image of David Mattingly at the port in Mobile, AL where the passengers will disembark

Image of Martin Savidge at the port in Mobile, AL where the passengers will disembark

Image of Sandra Endo from a helicopter flying over the cruise ship.

Exclusive CNN VIDEO: Cell phone video from passenger Megan Clemons-Foxall taken early Sunday morning when the fire started on Carnival’s Triumph. :

VIDEO: Carnival passenger Slyvester Davis tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer she asked her farther, “Since this was a botched graduation gift can we get another one – possibly a flight or a road trip?”

Vessel nears port
February 8th, 2013
01:33 PM ET

CNN’s Severe Weather Coverage

A “potentially historic winter storm” is moving along the same path Hurricane Sandy took, and could deliver its harshest blows to still-recovering regions.

CNN will broadcast live Friday night into Saturday. Chad Myers (@ChadMyersCNN) and Jen Delgado (@JenDelgadoCNN) will monitor the storm’s movement from the CNN Weather Center (@CNNWeather). CNN has a team of anchors and reporters dispatched throughout the region: Jason Carroll (@JasonCarrollCNN), Susan Candiotti (@SusanCandiotti), Poppy Harlow (@PoppyHarlowCNN), Ali Velshi (@AliVelshi), Ashleigh Banfield (@CNNAshleigh), Zain Asher, Alison Kosik (@AlisonKosik), Mary Snow (@MarySnowCNN), Gary Tuchman (@GaryTuchmanCNN) and Brian Todd (@BrianToddCNN). Erin Burnett (@ErinBurnett) and Anderson Cooper (@AndersonCooper) will anchor primetime coverage, while Chris Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) guest anchors Piers Morgan Tonight. Brooke Baldwin (@BrookeBCNN) anchors overnight coverage. will also have the latest news on the at This Just In, CNN’s breaking news blog.

January 23rd, 2013
09:14 PM ET

Sen. Ron Johnson: "stunned” at the Secretary Clinton's response to release of sole suspect detained in Benghazi attacks

Tonight on OutFront, CNN’s Erin Burnett spoke exclusively with Ron Johnson, a tea party backed Wisconsin Republican serving his first term, about his questioning of Secretary Hillary Clinton at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's hearing on the September terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.  Johnson persistently questioned Clinton on Wednesday morning about what he described as Rice "purposely misleading" the American people.  Johnson said he was “surprised by Secretary Clinton's reaction to that because it was a pretty simple question.” 

Johnson also told Burnett he was “stunned” at the Secretary’s response to the release of the sole suspect detained in the Benghazi attacks,” you know, they said they were going to, you know, take these guys and they're going to, you know, punish the people, but they don't be - you know, they don't appear to really be pursuing that very aggressively.” 

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January 17th, 2013
09:48 PM ET

Buzz Bissinger on Lance Armstrong

 Tonight on OutFront, CNN's Erin Burnett spoke with Buzz Bissinger, author of "Friday Night Lights" and a contributor for Newsweek and The Daily Beast.  Last August Bissinger wrote the cover story for Newsweek entitled, "I Still Believe in Lance Armstrong."  Recently he withdrew his support saying "Don't believe a word he says because not a word he says can be believed."Bissinger told Burnett that Lance Armstrong had reached out to him to apologize , he said "I think the apology is real.  And I respect him for that.  But if he thinks I'm going to sit there and I'm going to be one with tears coming down my face watching him on Oprah, he's mistaken.  He's hurt, really hurt, hurt, legally and emotionally, too many people.  Millions of people, tens of millions of people."

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