June 30th, 2015
06:01 PM ET

Sen. Ted Cruz on The Lead with Jake Tapper

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Today on The Lead with Jake Tapper, Senator and Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz, joined the program to discuss the latest Supreme Court rulings, the 2016 race and more.  A full transcript of the interview is below. Visit: http://www.cnn.com/shows/the-lead   for additional information.

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June 30th, 2015
12:40 PM ET

Cruz: Supreme Court Justices 'put on Obama jerseys'

"Six justices violated their judicial oath" with Obamacare decision, five justices did the same thing with same-sex marriage ruling, says Sen. Ted Cruz to CNN's Jake Tapper. Full interview will air on The Lead, June 30th at 4:00pmET.

June 26th, 2015
11:43 AM ET

CNN Exclusive: President Obama calls plaintiff Jim Obergefell

President Barack Obama on Friday morning called Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling, during his interview with CNN's Justice correspondent Pamela Brown. 

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June 26th, 2015
11:19 AM ET

S.E Cupp: "It's time for the party politics to shift"

S.E Cupp, CNN Political Commentator, shares her reaction on same sex marriage stating, "I deeply love my party, it really has to reconcile with the fact that we are going to become relics if we don’t get to where these people are, they are patriots, they aren’t asking for a lot."

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CNN Politics Extends Winning Streak: 3 Straight Months as #1
June 17th, 2015
09:48 AM ET

CNN Politics Extends Winning Streak: 3 Straight Months as #1

CNN Politics Extends Winning Streak: 3 Straight Months as the Web’s #1 Political News Destination
Dominance Expands to Mobile in May 2015 

The CNN Politics team held onto its leadership position in May 2015, topping all political news competitors online in multiplatform unique visitors, views and video starts – a three-month streak that began in March of this year. CNN Politics also claimed from Vox.com the number one spot in mobile unique visitors for the month, extending its digital dominance across platforms.  


Jake Tapper to moderate CNN's first GOP debate
June 14th, 2015
10:38 AM ET

Jake Tapper to moderate CNN's first GOP debate

Jake Tapper will moderate CNN's first Republican presidential primary debate, he announced on Sunday.

Tapper, the host of the network's "State of the Union" Sunday show and "The Lead" on weekdays, was picked to lead the event at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library on Sept. 16.

The prime-time debate will actually be split into two parts: One with the candidates that national polls rank as the top 10 GOP contenders, and one with the candidates who didn't make that cut.

The broad GOP field has presented a challenge for both Fox News and CNN as debate hosts.

Fox News announced a plan for an August 6 debate that would only include the 10 candidates that were at the top of the heap, as determined by an average of national polls.

Fox's proposed criteria created the most consternation, partly because it is hosting the first debate, partly because it is a favorite of conservatives, and partly because its rules are more restrictive than CNN's.

Some Republican Party leaders in Iowa and New Hampshire have said they feel the use of national polls stomps on their roles as the first in the nation caucus and primary states, respectively.

Tapper announced that he'll moderate the debate on Sunday, at the end of his first show as CNN's new "State of the Union" host.

Jake Tapper to moderate CNN's first GOP debate

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June 14th, 2015
09:27 AM ET

Bill Clinton: I'm impressed by Republican candidates

CNN's Jake Tapper sits down with former President Bill Clinton in an exclusive interview, and shares his insight on the 2016 Presidential election.

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CNN Politics Continues Streak as #1 Political News Destination Online
May 18th, 2015
01:09 PM ET

CNN Politics Continues Streak as #1 Political News Destination Online

April 2015 marked the second month in a row that CNN Politics ranked as the number one political news destination online, growing in unique visitors from the month prior. 

As the 2016 field of candidates grew and the United Kingdom elected a new Prime Minister, users continued to turn to CNN for breaking news, enterprise analysis and unbiased coverage of politics around the globe. Once again outranking all digital political competitors, CNN Politics maintained its number one ranking in multiplatform unique visitors, views and video starts.


May 5th, 2015
12:00 PM ET

CNN Politics Launches ‘Yankee Doodle’ with Stephen Collinson

Yankee Doodle ft Stephen Collinson

CNN’s Stephen Collinson (@StCollinson) journeyed across the pond to his native United Kingdom to launch CNN Politics latest original video series – Yankee Doodle.

In the debut episode, Collinson takes Americans into the heart of the pending UK election – including the race tracks, the debate hall and of course the pubs – to explain why the UK election matters how it’s different from what the United States will experience in the months ahead.

Collinson, a seasoned political reporter who’s filed from more than 50 countries, will give users a fun and easy to understand guide through a series of fascinating and complex political races and issues in his new series.

Don’t miss the adventures, antics and explainers from Collinson’s series, produced in partnership by CNN Politics and CNN Digital Studios.

Follow @CNNPolitics and @StCollinson on Twitter for more.

Explore CNN Politics' Yankee Doodle featuring Stephen Collinson

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April 23rd, 2015
03:27 PM ET

Introducing the New CNNPolitics.com

CNN Politics’ premiere online destination 

CNN Digital launched a refreshed CNNPolitics.com today, featuring a distinctive look and experience that serves as the destination for CNN’s political coverage leading up to the 2016 election. The new site showcases the primary elements of CNN Politics: breaking news, enterprise analysis and original video, and cements CNN as the first truly cross-platform political operation in American journalism.

Exhibiting more stories in a clean and crisp format, the site prominently features everything from CNN’s unmatched coverage of the road to the 2016 election, to reporting the latest news out of Washington, the country, and from around the world. Users can also catch up on their favorite original video franchises, watch the latest political segments from CNN and read political perspectives from CNN contributors all on the new homepage.

More to come.

Explore the site for yourself at CNNPolitics.com

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