July 31st, 2015
05:11 PM ET

Chris Christie on polls: "Let's all take a deep breath"

CNN's Jake Tapper sits down with Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie for a one-on-one interview that will air on State of the Union Sunday, August 2nd at 9:00am and 12:00pmET.

July 29th, 2015
05:12 PM ET

Donald Trump goes 1-On-1 with CNN

Presidential candidate Donald Trump goes 1-on-1 with CNN, here is what he had to say to CNN's Dana Bash on Obamacare, the 2016 race and more.

Topics: CNN Politics • Dana Bash
July 29th, 2015
04:14 PM ET

Trump explains outburst at female lawyer

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump explains to CNN's Dana Bash his outburst at a female lawyer.

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July 29th, 2015
04:04 PM ET

Trump lashes out at 'vicious, horrible' lawyer over breast pump break

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Donald Trump lashed out Wednesday at a female lawyer whom he had called "disgusting" several years ago for requesting a break to pump breast milk in the middle of a deposition, calling her a "vicious, horrible person."

In an interview with CNN's Dana Bash, the Republican presidential candidate claimed that the attorney, Elizabeth Beck, had wanted to pump breast milk in other people's presence. Trump alleged that Beck was now retaliating against him because she was unhappy about having lost that legal battle, and that she had fabricated a story about Trump losing his cool and storming out of the deposition room.

"She wanted to breast pump in front of me and I may have said that's disgusting, I may have said something else. I thought it was terrible," Trump said. "She's a vicious, horrible person."

Elizabeth Beck described the 2011 encounter - first reported by the New York Times late Tuesday - as Trump having "an absolute meltdown" in an interview with CNN's "New Day" Wednesday morning.

"He got up, his face got red, he shook his finger at me and he screamed, 'You're disgusting, you're disgusting,' and he ran out of there," Beck said.

Trump strongly refuted this characterization in Wednesday's interview, saying Beck had distorted the events.

"She made it up. She made it up," he said. "She's saying, 'Oh, he was so violent and he was so, so wild and she was afraid.' She was afraid of nobody. She's a tough killer in Miami everyone knows she's a killer. They all hate her."

Well-known for his colorful language and imagery, Trump went on to compare Beck's interview with CNN earlier in the day to the way people who had never met Michael Jackson discussed the iconic pop star after his death.

"So many people are on television that don't know me and they're like experts on me," Trump said. "You know when Michael Jackson died - I knew him very well - and everybody was talking about Michael Jackson. They didn't know him, they knew nothing. Some of them never even met him."

Pressed on how the 2011 incident reflects on how Trump would behave as president - and how he would react if challenged by a world leader like Russian President Vladmir Putin - Trump answered: "Believe me, I'd do very well with him. I get along with people."


CNN Politics #1 for Four Straight Months
July 22nd, 2015
11:29 AM ET

CNN Politics #1 for Four Straight Months

Top Political News Site Sees Double Digit Growth in June

CNN Politics solidified its position as the Web’s top destination for political news and information in June by outperforming all competitors for the fourth month running. Since March of 2015, CNN Politics has dominated its category in multiplatform unique visitors, views and video starts. Strengthening its lead over Vox.com, HuffPost Politics, Fox News Politics and Politico.com, CNN Politics became the top site for mobile unique visitors in May and maintained its position in June.  

In a historic month that saw landmark cases from the Supreme Court, a nationwide debate over the Confederate Flag and the lead up to a nuclear deal in Iran, CNN Politics posted double-digit growth across the board:


July 21st, 2015
06:26 PM ET

Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee joins Wolf Blitzer on The Situation Room

Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee shared his views on the recent Iran nuclear deal on  The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, here is what he had to say.

Additional information: The Situation Room:http://www.cnn.com/shows/situation-room FULL POST

July 14th, 2015
04:20 PM ET

Dana Bash interviews Donald Trump

Topics: CNN Politics • Dana Bash
July 13th, 2015
07:27 PM ET

Rick Santorum: Idea of negotiating with Iran "is a folly"

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum joins CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer and discusses the Iran nuclear negotiations, 2016 race and more.

July 7th, 2015
05:39 PM ET

Hillary: 'People should and do trust me'

Hillary Clinton responds to questions on her trustworthiness in an exclusive interview with CNN's Brianna Keilar.

July 7th, 2015
05:32 PM ET

Hillary Clinton on which woman should be on the 10 dollar bill

Hillary Clinton shared her picks for who should be the new face of the ten dollar bill in her first national interview with CNN's Brianna Keilar.

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