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New Day

August 18th, 2014

CNN EXCLUSIVE: New Video Recorded by Witness Immediately following Michael Brown’s shooting

Today on New Day, Piaget Crenshaw – a witnessed the shooting of Michael Brown – shared new video she recorded […]

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August 4th, 2014

State Department: “there’s more that Israel can do to hold themselves to their own standards”

Today on New Day, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told Chris Cuomo that there is no country in the world […]

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July 11th, 2014

Wolf Blitzer takes cover in Israel

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer hurries to a safety bunker after hearing the warning sirens in Israel.

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July 2nd, 2014

Tim Howard talks to Chris Cuomo about his historic Wold Cup game

This morning on “New Day,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo talked to USA goalie Tim Howard about his incredible performance in the World […]

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June 24th, 2014

Kerry: There is a new reality for Iraq

CNN Breaking News Alert: Secretary of State John Kerry says while he is “not taking anything I hear to the […]

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