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August 28th, 2012

CNN Exclusive: Life in Daraya, Syria

CNN has obtained an extraordinary account of life in the Damascus suburb of Daraya over the last two weeks, just […]

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Rep. Duffy (R-WI): “Romney might be a little stiff,” but “ideas are great”

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) tells CNN Anchor John Berman that although Romney is “a little stiff,” his “ideas are great” […]

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‘A Stand in the Sinai’: A CNN Freedom Project Documentary

Follow-up to CNN’s award-winning documentary ‘Death in the Desert’ which uncovered the shocking trade of organ trafficking in the Sinai […]

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CNN Digital welcomes Cindy Rodriguez as Editor for Latino audiences

Cindy Rodriguez joined CNN Digital as Editor for Latino audiences this week. Rodriguez will work with staff at and […]

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Tropical Storm Isaac inland flood risk concern; Sen. Vitter evacuates family

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien anchors Starting Point live from New Orleans as Tropical Storm Isaac approaches the Gulf Coast. CNN National […]

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August 27th, 2012

CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports from New Orleans

Anderson Cooper and Soledad O’Brien are in New Orleans, Louisiana, where they have joined CNN’s news and weather anchor Rob […]

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Mitt Romney’s son Josh tells CNN’s Piers Morgan tax questions are a “gimmick”

Mitt Romney’s sons tell Piers Morgan that questions about their dad’s taxes is a “gimmick” from the Obama campaign: “He’s […]

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Spotted at the CNN Grill: the Romney Bros.

The Romney brothers — Matt, Josh, Tagg, Craig and Ben — stop by the CNN Grill in Tampa for an […]

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Mayor Villaraigosa: Madison Ave. ad people trying to remake Romney-Ryan

Joining CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien live at the CNN Grill in Tampa during the RNC convention, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio […]

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Facebook, CNN Unveil ‘Election Insights’

Real-time tool measures Obama, Romney, Biden, and Ryan buzz MENLO PARK, Calif. & ATLANTA, Ga. – CNN, America’s most trusted […]

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