July 1st, 2015

Meet CNN Style Editor George Webster

CNN announced today the launch of CNN Style, a new online destination for fashion, design, architecture, art, auto and luxury. To celebrate this exciting day, we spent a few minutes with CNN Style Editor George Webster to find out what drives his personal style and why one can never have too many zippers.

Check out our seven questions with George below. And then spend your day perusing his site at When you’ve finished that, hit up CNN Style on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ve got a lot to do! 

Share a fashion mishap from your past.

I had a funny turn with zips for a bit. Zips in unexpected places like at the elbows or diagonally across the chest. 

What’s one style trend that makes you cringe?

Overly flared, lightly faded denim jeans make me feel sad inside. Bad times.

Favorite home good or decor?

My heavy-bottomed copper frying pan. But I spend most of the time cleaning it and staring at it from across the room.  

An emerging artist we should all be watching.

I strongly recommend London artist Christopher Page. He has an unearthly grasp of color. 

One article of clothing you couldn’t live without?

I’d be upset if anything happened to my pearl earring. I’m almost certain it gives me an edge. 

Personal style icon.

Giuseppe Garibaldi. Great beard, impeccable style and has a good biscuit named after him. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

What makes CNN Style different from other publications?

There’s so many excellent publications out there covering the art and design scene, but I can’t think of any with quite the same scope and reach as CNN.

We can do things like publish a video from Hong Kong on traditional Chinese dress-making, a multi-media feature from Sydney interviewing a certain Serbian performance artist and an exclusive story about a notorious classic car collection out in the Danish countryside — all on the same day. I think that breadth of coverage is quite rare.