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April 27th, 2011

CNN invites global audience to watch, share and report the Royal Wedding

On-air integration of iReport, Facebook and Twitter places viewers at the center of CNN’s coverage On Friday, April 29, beginning […]

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Katie Nicholl talks tiaras with Piers Morgan

Last night, royal correspondent Katie Nicholl and jeweler Eric Deardoff tell CNN’s Piers Morgan about the Queen’s tiaras. Nicholl tells […]

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April 26th, 2011

AC360 investigation proves Obama born in Hawaii

Day after CNN’s Definitive Investigation of Birther Claims, White House releases President Obama’s original birth certificate CNN’s Anderson Cooper summarizes […]

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Rand’s family relieved Ron’s running

By: CNN Associate Producer Gabriella Schwarz Washington (CNN) – Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul reacted to his father’s decision to […]

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UK to Syria: Not too late for reform

UK Defense Secretary Liam Fox tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer he is appalled at Syria’s actions and reform needs to get […]

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Ron Paul: Allow young people to opt out of unconstitutional entitlement programs

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) tells CNN host Eliot Spitzer that young people should be able to opt out of entitlements […]

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Ron Paul: 2012 Republican field cautious because of Pres. Obama

On “In the Arena,” possible GOP presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) speculates on why other candidates may be hesitant […]

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Piers Morgan Tonight: Sir David Frost on Bush Sr

Earlier today Piers sat down with Sir David Frost, the man behind the film “Frost/Nixon” for a revealing interview that is […]

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CNN Birther investigation: ‘No doubt’ President Obama was born in Hawaii

Video of CNN national correspondent Gary Tuchman’s  full interview with Dr. Fukino: Former Hawaii Health Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino examined […]

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CNN Posts Big Gains/Grows Most in April 2011 vs. Year Ago

CNN Posts Strong Gains in April — Increasing 31% in Primetime vs. a Year Ago; Tops MSNBC in Total Day […]

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