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June 10th, 2016


India is the fastest growing economy in the world. In the past two years, the country even managed to benefit […]

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January 26th, 2015

President Obama interviewed by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in India

Interview to Premiere on CNN’s NEW DAY on CNN/U.S. FAREED ZAKARIA GPS Global Television Exclusive President Barack Obama will sit […]

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September 19th, 2014

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Speaks to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS Global Television Exclusive Premieres Sunday, Sept. 21  As he prepares for his first address before the world […]

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December 27th, 2013

Fareed Zakaria Takes Viewers to India for a Look at a Nation at a Crossroads

India at a Crossroads – A Fareed Zakaria GPS Special debuts Sunday, Dec. 29 on CNN, CNN International CNN’s and […]

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February 11th, 2013

Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man, says he sees ‘fundamental transformation’ in America’s energy future

Mukesh Ambani is India’s wealthiest man and runs a conglomerate with significant energy holdings.  He had not granted a television […]

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