March 4th, 2024

CNN to Provide Comprehensive Super Tuesday Coverage

The network’s anchors, correspondents, reporters and experts will provide live updates and top-tier insights across CNN platforms 

Audiences can access the network’s political coverage on CNN, CNN Max, and CNN apps 

Washington, DC – March 4, 2024 – CNN will provide comprehensive coverage of the 2024 election cycle’s Super Tuesday primaries, leveraging the news organization’s breadth of on-air programming, political reporting and expansive digital offerings to audiences across platforms. 

On Tuesday, March 5, CNN’s America’s Choice 2024: Super Tuesday coverage will begin at 4pET with Wolf Blitzer anchoring from DC and Kate Bolduan from New York. Starting at 6pET, Jake Tapper and Erin Burnett will lead primetime coverage as voters throughout the country continue to cast their primary ballots. Abby Phillip and Laura Coates will anchor overnight coverage beginning at 12aET. 

Dana Bash will lead conversations driven with expert analysis by Abby Phillip, Kasie Hunt, Kaitlan Collins, Manu Raju, Audie Cornish and Jeff Zeleny. David Chalian will be in the CNN election center with key exit polling and delegate analysis, which will also be reflected in the continuous live coverage available at John King will be at the Magic Wall to break down the results as they come in across the primary states. Boris Sanchez will provide insight into the down ballot races throughout the country and what their outcomes mean in the lead up to November.

Audiences can visit CNN’s Election Center 2024 for in-depth coverage of the first big multi-state night of the 2024 election. Complementing CNN’s live on-air programming, featured coverage will include CNN’s on-the-ground campaign reporting in a live story with explainers, analysis, and the latest results of the presidential primaries and down-ballot races. Audiences can explore dedicated pages for key races, interactive national maps, a delegate count tracker and CNN’s exit poll data visualizations to learn what is driving the vote as results come in. 

CNN’s correspondents will be positioned throughout the Super Tuesday primary states to provide extensive on-the-ground reporting. CNN’s Jessica Dean will report from Virginia and Dianne Gallagher will provide updates from North Carolina. Brian Todd will be live from Tennessee and John Berman will report from Colorado. Ed Lavandera will bring the latest from Texas, and both Nick Watt and David Culver will update from California. Kristen Holmes will report the latest on the Trump campaign in Florida and Kylie Atwood will give the latest on Nikki Haley’s campaign from South Carolina. MJ Lee will be at the White House reporting any news from the Biden campaign and Melanie Zanona will provide insights from Capitol Hill. Gary Tuchman will be in Wisconsin getting real-time feedback from a focus group in the state. 

Audiences can follow CNN’s special coverage at, via livestream with a cable log-in via, CNN connected TV and mobile apps where available, and on CNN Max for Max subscribers.