February 23rd, 2024

CNN Announces Coverage Plan for South Carolina GOP Primary

Audiences can expect live updates, up-to-the-minute reporting and expert insights from the network’s political team on CNN, CNN Max and across digital platforms   

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Charleston, South Carolina – February 23, 2024 – CNN will provide comprehensive coverage of the 2024 South Carolina primary, leveraging the news organization’s top-tier political expertise, breadth of coverage and extensive on-the-ground reporting to deliver an all-encompassing experience for audiences across platforms.   

On Saturday, February 24, CNN’s America’s Choice: South Carolina Primary will begin at 4pET with Wolf Blitzer anchoring from DC and Erin Burnett from New York. Starting at 6pET, Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper will lead primetime coverage as the final ballots in the Palmetto State are cast and former President Donald Trump and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley contend for the GOP nomination.  

Dana Bash will lead expert analysis alongside Abby Phillip and Manu Raju from DC, with Kasie Hunt and Audie Cornish from New York. David Chalian will be in the CNN election center with key exit polling and delegate analysis, which will also be reflected in the continuous live coverage available at John King will be at the Magic Wall to break down the results as they come in across South Carolina.   

Find robust coverage in the CNN app via the newly launched election destination featured in the tab bar. Update phones with the latest version of the CNN app in iOS to easily follow results coverage, discover related articles and more. The election destination will be fully available for Android users later next week.  

Audiences can go deeper into the political process with CNN’s Election Center 2024 to follow live results, explore those results with immersive state maps, track the delegate count and learn what is driving the vote with CNN’s exit poll data visualizations. CNN will also have a live tracker after the polls close on the outstanding votes to help audiences understand how ballots are coming in as well as visual analysis of turnout and exit poll data. Complementing CNN’s robust on-air programming, the live updates will also feature additional reporting, analysis and data as information comes in.    

CNN’s Boris Sanchez, Brian Todd and Omar Jimenez will be reporting from polling locations across South Carolina, while Gary Tuchman will provide real-time feedback from a focus group of Michigan voters on the ground in Detroit. Kristen Holmes and Kylie Atwood will be positioned with the candidates’ campaigns, and Priscilla Alvarez will have the latest from the White House. Nick Paton Walsh and Matthew Chance will provide updates from Ukraine as Ukraine marks two years since Russia’s invasion.  

Audiences can follow CNN’s special coverage at, via livestream with a cable log-in via, CNN connected TV and mobile apps where available, and on CNN Max for Max subscribers.