January 15th, 2024

CNN’s Coverage of the 2024 Iowa Caucuses

CNN will offer viewers comprehensive coverage of the 2024 Iowa caucuses. On Sunday, Erin Burnett will kick off the network’s coverage with a special edition of Erin Burnett OutFront at 7pETAnderson Cooper will anchor a special edition of Anderson Cooper 360 at 8pET, and Kaitlan Collins and Abby Phillip will anchor CNN’s Countdown to Iowa special coverage starting at 9pET.

On Monday, Anderson Cooper and Kaitlan Collins will anchor America’s Choice 2024: Iowa Caucuses starting at 1pmET, with Wolf Blitzer and Erin Burnett picking up coverage at 4pmETBeginning at 7pETJake Tapper and Anderson Cooper will anchor coverage as votes start to come in and Dana Bash will anchor live from Iowa with Kasie Hunt and Chris WallaceErin Burnett will lead analysis from Washington with Kaitlan CollinsAbby Phillip, Audie Cornish, Manu Raju, and David Chalian who will provide key entrance polling analysis. Abby Phillip and Laura Coates will anchor overnight coverage starting at 2aET.

John King will be at the Magic Wall to break down the results as they come in during primetime and John Berman, Phil Mattingly and Harry Enten will provide Magic Wall updates throughout extended coverage.

CNN’s reporters and correspondents will be reporting from on the ground in Iowa including Sara SidnerKate BolduanBoris Sanchez, and Brian Todd who will report from caucus sites and Jeff Zeleny, Kristen Holmes, Jessica Dean and Kylie Atwood who will be positioned at party and campaign headquarters. Omar Jimenez will report from New Hampshire and MJ Lee will report from the White House.

CNN’s special coverage of the Iowa caucuses will stream live from 4:00p-5:00a ET on Monday, January 15 on CNN connected TV and mobile apps where available, without a cable login on CNN.com and on CNN Max for pay subscribers.