October 12th, 2023

CNN coverage of the Israel-Hamas war

CNN continues to cover the unprecedented crisis unfolding in the aftermath of Hamas’ attack on Israel, with correspondents in key positions across the region.

CNN Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward is reporting live from Tel Aviv. She is joined in Israel by CNN Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Matthew Chance, CNN Pentagon Correspondent Oren Liebermann, CNN White House Correspondent Jeremy Diamond and a team from CNN Digital.

Anchor & Managing Editor, CNN Abu Dhabi, Becky Anderson is in Qatar, setting these events into context for the wider region.

CNN International Correspondent Larry Madowo is in Egypt, reporting on the status of the truce between Israel and Hamas and on the transport of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

CNN Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman is following the story from across the border in Beirut, Lebanon.

In addition, CNN’s Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour and CNN Correspondent Clare Sebastian are in London providing hourly updates as new details continue to emerge.  CNN Chief International Investigative Correspondent Nima Elbagir is in Jerusalem, reporting on the Palestinian prisoners released as part of the Israel-Hamas truce.

On Digital, CNN was the first news organization to launch a daily, 10-minute podcast, Tug of War: Attack on Israel, taking listeners on the ground with CNN reporters to unpack the escalating conflict and what it means for the rest of the world. CNN is also leveraging our global newsgathering, robust social discovery verification process, talent and video capabilities to deliver updates on key moments across vertical video platforms, including TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts to serve as a reliable resource and trusted voice for the younger audiences on these platforms.

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Key CNN moments

Aftermath of Hamas’ attacks in Israel: 

‘You can hear the intercept missiles’: See the scene at Tel Aviv’s airport

Video shows Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ missiles intercepting incoming rockets near Gaza

‘Never seen anything like this’: Clarissa Ward near the Gaza border

‘There’s no mercy at all’: Israeli volunteer doctor describes what he saw

A Hamas rocket strike landed in a residential neighborhood in Ashdod, Israel. Clarissa Ward surveys the significant damage in the immediate aftermath

CNN reporter went to scene of music festival slaughter. Here’s what she found

CNN team ducks from ‘massive barrage of rockets’ near Israel-Gaza border

Children found ‘butchered’ in Israeli kibbutz, IDF says, as horror of Hamas’ attacks near border begins to emerge

Video shows ‘fearsome’ rocket barrage over Israeli city

Brutality of Hamas attack seen at Israel morgue

Family members of hostages held in Gaza desperate to be reunited

CNN embeds with Israeli forces inside Gaza

CNN visits exposed tunnel shaft IDF believes is part of larger network under hospital


Devastation in Gaza:

See the devastation in Gaza after Israeli strikes

See what it’s like on the ground as Israel declares ‘complete siege’ on Gaza

CNN’s Nada Bashir on the war’s impact on children in Gaza

Explosion interrupts live Gaza interview

CNN producer shares video diary of escape from Gaza City with his family

CNN’s Nada Bashir reports on protests  across the Middle East after deadly hospital blast

‘Feet, toes, anything’: Gazans desperately search for relatives’ remains after hospital explosion

‘There is no drinking water’: Video shows living situation of CNN journalist in Gaza

See what it looks like at Egypt-Gaza crossing where anger is growing

Gaza hospital has over 130 newborn patients but is about to run out of fuel

Would new Palestinian refugees be able to return home? History suggests not 

2,000 children killed in Gaza, aid group says, as doctors warn fuel shortage is a death sentence

CNN producer living in Gaza with family documents how they are surviving

Gaza workers expelled from Israel accuse Israeli authorities of abuse, including beatings

CNN’s Nic Robertson travels with IDF troops to go inside the combat zone in Gaza

CNN gets access to hospital in Egypt treating patients from Gaza

CNN correspondent details condition of newborn babies who evacuated Gaza

Teen recounts losing hand while attempting to flee Gaza


The wider escalating crisis: 

Increased violence in the West Bank forces Palestinians out of their homes


Key interviews:

‘You cannot expect us to feed and fuel the same enemy who is butchering us,’ says Israeli army spokesperson

Becky Anderson interviews former Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, who say an “incursion into [Gaza] is not off the table”

IDF major general describes aftermath of Hamas attack

Families of Americans missing after attacks speak to CNN

Hamas attacks on Israel a ‘major failure of intelligence, of operations up to the top political leadership’: Former Israeli PM

‘A parent’s worst nightmare’: Relative of five Israeli hostages shares their story

‘Death was a blessing’: Father on learning fate of 8-year-old daughter

CNN’s Becky Anderson talks to Palestinians in the occupied West Bank

‘Why should Egypt be presumed to allow the influx of 1 or 2 million people?’ asks Egyptian FM

CNN speaks with Jordanian Foreign Minister

CNN’s Becky Anderson speaks to Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh

Injured Palestinian child describes moment missile landed near him

Queen Rania: There’s a ‘glaring double standard’ in how world treats Palestinians

‘You decided to still drop a bomb’: Wolf Blitzer presses IDF spokesman on Israeli airstrike on refugee camp

Queen Rania: there must be a “collective call for a ceasefire” in Gaza

American nurse who got out of Gaza describes desperation she saw

CNN Exclusive: Egypt’s Health Minister on the health crisis in Gaza 



What would an Israeli ground assault in Gaza look like? Here’s what I’ve seen before

Exclusive: Documents reveal Hamas’ plans to attack Israeli communities

CNN Investigates: Forensic analysis of images and videos suggests rocket caused Gaza hospital blast, not Israeli airstrike


Key moments delivered via vertical video include:

Misinformation about the Israel-Hamas conflict is spreading rapidly on X

New dashcam footage obtained by CNN captured the moment Hamas attackers threw a grenade into a bomb shelter

CNN’s Jake Tapper interviews Yoav Shimoni, whose grandmother was killed by Hamas in Israel

Two towers in Gaza City, which host media offices and residential apartments, collapsed after they were hit by an airstrike

CNN’s Nic Robertson watches Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ defense system as it intercepts incoming missiles from Gaza Man Says Video Shows Hamas Take His Family

Israeli Airstrike Hits Refugee Camp in Gaza

CNN’s Nic Robertson took cover with other travelers on the tarmac of Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel

Gaza Militants Attack Music Festival, Take Hostages

CNN’s Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward and team taking cover

CNN’s Anderson Cooper reports from Tel Aviv while a new round of explosions were seen in Gaza

Man Hides To Survive During Israel Music Festival Massacre