September 26th, 2023

State of the Race Returns to CNN International with Anchor Kasie Hunt

Premieres September 27 at 11am ET | 5pm CET as part of new CNN International lineup

Award-winning journalist Bianna Golodryga joins One World as co-anchor with Zain Asher
12pm ET | 6pm CET

Connect the World with Becky Anderson moves to 9am ET | 5pm Abu Dhabi

ATLANTA, GA – (September 26, 2023) – As the 2024 US presidential election heats up, State of the Race is returning to CNN International with Kasie Hunt taking global audiences right to the heart of what promises to be a momentous race to the White House.

Anchored from CNN’s Washington, DC bureau, the fully reimagined, hourlong show will deliver a daily look at the status of the election in America by breaking news, driving conversations and cutting through the partisan noise. With a blend of newsmaker interviews, discussions and reporting from the field, State of the Race will also bring viewers the latest on the candidates, their campaigns and the voters they seek to represent.

“Our mission here is to go into the heart of the stories shaping the election by connecting our viewers with the sharpest analysts, the most connected pollsters and campaign insiders, and the big names making the news,” said Hunt. “I’m excited to help viewers better understand the unique aspects of the US political system including all those caucuses, primaries, conventions and other quirks impacting the race. Most importantly, we’ll lay out what matters and why, for audiences across America and around the world.”

CNN International is making additional enhancements to its weekday lineup with award-winning journalist Bianna Golodryga joining Zain Asher as co-anchor of a refreshed One World at 12pm ET | 6pm CET, covering the world’s most pressing issues with a key focus on US politics as we move closer to the 2024 election. Together Asher and Golodryga will draw from their unique backgrounds and drive conversation with the decision makers, entrepreneurs and cultural icons influencing change in the US and around the world. As part of these changes Connect the World with Becky Anderson moves to 9am ET | 5pm UAE, reaching audiences in the Middle East and beyond an hour earlier.

Mike McCarthy, EVP and General Manager of CNN International, said: “Our global audience understands the clear ripple effect that US policy has on the rest of the world, from climate change to the war in Ukraine, relations with China, the global economy and more. With Kasie Hunt in the anchor chair, State of the Race returns as part of our commitment to make CNN International the top destination for news and analysis of the consequential race to the White House. It joins an updated lineup that welcomes Bianna Golodryga as co-anchor of One World with Zain Asher and moves Connect the World up an hour, offering viewers fresh and essential programming powered by CNN’s world-class journalists.”

CNN International lineup effective September 27 (all times Eastern):
9am      Connect the World with Becky Anderson
11am    State of the Race with Kasie Hunt
12pm    One World with Zain Asher and Bianna Golodryga
1pm      Amanpour
2pm      Isa Soares Tonight
3pm      Quest Means Business
4pm      The Lead with Jake Tapper


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