September 10th, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: CNN’s Fareed Zakaria interviews President Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine

In a CNN exclusive, Fareed Zakaria interviewed Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky (2019- present) in Kyiv, on Friday, Sept. 08.  The wide-ranging interview will premiere Sunday, Sept. 10 at 1:00pm Eastern on CNN and CNN International.

Zakaria and Zelensky discussed the status of Ukraine’s counteroffensive to repel the Russian invasion, and, President Zelensky’s anticorruption efforts and recent personnel changes in his administration.  The interview took place as several of the world’s leaders convened in New Delhi, India, for the G20 summit.

Also in Ukraine, Zakaria interviewed Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Development of Education, Science & Technology, about the drone program that he is leading for his nation’s defense.  Later, Zakaria spoke to a group of brave Ukrainian school children, who are heading back to school this autumn.

CNN’s flagship global affairs program, FAREED ZAKARIA GPS, broadcasts globally on Sundays.  Please see, for regional transmission times:


In Europe (all times GMT):

  1. CNN International: Sunday, Sept 10 at 2:00p.m.
  2. CNN International: Monday, Sept 11 at 1:00a.m.

In Asia (all times HKT):

  1. CNN International: Sunday, Sept 10 at 8:00a.m.
  2. CNN International: Sunday, Sept 10 at 10:00p.m.
  3. CNN International: Monday, Sept 11 at 9:00a.m.

In North America (all times EDT):

  1. CNN: Sunday, Sept 10 at 1:00p.m.; encore at 5:00p.m.
  2. CNN International: Monday, Sept 11 at 10:00a.m.; encore at 9:00p.m.

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS will also be available for on demand playback beginning Monday, Sept. 11, 2023, for cable and satellite subscribers for pay TV subscribers via, CNN apps, and Cable Operator Platforms.  The program streams live for pay TV subscribers via, CNN OTT, and mobile apps on Sunday at 10:00am ET.

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