February 23rd, 2023

CNN’s Audience Contributes More Than $8M In Aid For Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine hits the one-year mark, civilians inside the country and those who have fled desperately continue to need humanitarian aid. CNN’s audience, compelled to help by the news from Ukraine, have contributed more than $8.1 million across 80,000 donors, to aid organizations working in the region over the course of the year-long war.

CNN’s Impact Your World connects people with vetted aid organizations utilizing a seamless and secure donation tool through Public Good.

Former CNN reporter Arwa Damon, who is the founder of non-profit INARA, shares her experience reporting from the border between Ukraine and Poland, and all the needs her organization is working to meet one year later. Link to Damon’s Q&A.

And on February 23, The Empire State Building will shine its tower lights in colors of the Ukraine flag from 5:40pmET until 2amET, in partnership with CNN’s Impact Your World.