September 16th, 2022

CNN’s Special Live Coverage Of The State Funeral Of Queen Elizabeth II


CNN anchors Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper will be live from London for CNN’s special live coverage of The State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, September 19 beginning at 5amET. They will be joined by Christiane Amanpour, Max Foster and Richard Quest in London, and Don Lemon, fresh off his extended coverage of the Queen’s death, will offer perspective from New York.

As the Royal family, heads of state and mourners arrive for the historic state funeral of the Queen, CNN will have reporters throughout London, including at Westminster Abbey and along the procession route, as well as at Windsor Castle.

Nada Bashir, Matthew Chance, Bianca Nobilo, Nic Robertson, Isa Soares, Anna Stewart and Clarissa Ward will provide minute-by-minute updates on the ground, while Zain Asher and Julia Chatterley will offer their unique perspectives from New York. CNN Royal Historian Kate Williams, CNN Royal Commentator Sally Bedell Smith and CNN Contributor Trisha Goddard will contribute to CNN’s special live coverage with their expert analysis and insights.

The State Funeral Of Queen Elizabeth II airs Monday, September 19, 5amET-1pmET on CNN.

Full live coverage will be available across CNN’s global digital platforms. CNN’s coverage of The State Funeral Of Queen Elizabeth II will stream live, without requiring a cable log-in, from 10am-6pm BST / 5am-1pm ET so users around the world can watch online. The stream will be available on and via CNN’s apps for iOS and Android. It can also be viewed on CNN apps for Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast and Android TV.