February 24th, 2022

CNN coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Updated June 15

CNN continues to cover the Russian invasion of Ukraine with correspondents in key positions across the region.

CNN Reporter Salma Abdelaziz is in Kyiv covering the latest developments from the Ukrainian capital.

CNN’s Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman is reporting from Kramatorsk and Senior International Correspondent Sam Kiley is in Kharkiv.

CNN’s Senior International Correspondent Fred Pleitgen is in St. Petersburg reporting on the latest updates from Russia.

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Key CNN Moments:

CNN team hears loud explosions during live reporting

CNN’s Matthew Chance reports live from Kyiv as air raid sirens go off

‘Very moving’: Clarissa Ward sees Ukrainians kneeling to pray in town square 

Russian mobile artillery roll past CNN’s Fred Pleitgen as they appear to head toward Ukraine

CNN’s Matthew Chance: This shows just how close Russian forces are to Ukraine capital

CNN’s Sam Kiley visits town near front lines hit by recent shelling

‘I cannot believe it’s happening’: See emotional interview with Ukrainian citizen 

CNN’s Nic Robertson reports from an anti-war protest in Moscow

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports on battle for key Ukrainian port city of Kherson

CNN’s Matthew Chance describes how he came across Russian special forces at Antonov airport outside Kyiv

CNN’s Scott McLean reports from Poland as Ukrainians flee across the border

Amanpour: This was one of the very darkest days – Analysis by Christiane Amanpour

CNN’s Matthew Chance to Russian FM: Do you plan to decapitate Ukrainian leadership?

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports on battle over key bridge to Kherson

CNN’s Clarissa Ward describes journey into Kyiv as Russian troops close in

‘They’ll kill us all’: Ukrainian children talk to CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh as Russian forces get closer to their town 

CNN’s Clarissa Ward reports on the ground at an apartment building hit by a missile or rocket in Kyiv

CNN’s Arwa Damon reports from Poland-Ukraine border on refugees fleeing Ukraine

‘Remarkable’: CNN’s Fred Pleitgen spots heavy Russian tanks moving toward Ukraine near Belgorod, Russia on live TV

We want to get the news out’: How Ukraine’s journalists are covering the invasion of their country

CNN’s Matthew Chance sees how Kyiv residents are defending their city

CNN’s Clarissa Ward: This is what happens when war comes to a major city

Ukrainian soldier: Russians said they wouldn’t hit civilian infrastructure. Look around

‘I don’t have a future … again’: Afghan refugee who found asylum in Ukraine flees Russian invasion

CNN’s Matthew Chance sees aftermath of ferocious battle on outskirts of Kyiv

Foreign students fleeing Ukraine say they face segregation, racism at border

How CNN geolocates and verifies social media footage from Ukraine

Zelensky’s message to President Biden: ‘This war is for all the world’

Watch CNN’s Sara Sidner walk through Ukrainian refugee shelter in Poland

CNN’s Arwa Damon talks to non-Ukrainians waiting to cross border into Poland

‘There’s still blood on the ground:’ CNN’s Alex Marquardt visits site of TV tower attack in Kyiv

Jewish community in Ukraine reacts to Putin’s Nazi rhetoric

Emotional Ukrainian mother describes her family’s fight against Russia

How geolocation shows Russia has been shelling civilians in Kharkiv

CNN’s Nic Robertson identifies strange moment in new Putin speech

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports from Odessa tourist resort as residents use sand for sandbag barricades

He was Russia’s richest man. Hear what he has to say about Putin

CNN’s Sara Sidner talks with foreigners joining the fight in Ukraine

Ukraine refugees flee after days of attack

See moment that made Clarissa Ward stop reporting and help

CNN’s Sam Kiley reports on the mass evacuation from Zaporizhzhia

‘You betray me!’: Ukrainian medical worker’s message to former Russian friends

Russian families turn to Ukrainian hotline in desperate search for lost soldiers

CNN’s Nic Robertson writes why he leaves Russia in despair

CNN’s Matthew Chance visits a bombed-out home where the family miraculously survived

Two weeks of war have revealed cracks in Putin’s master plan for Ukraine

CNN’s Matthew Chance captures the mass exodus from Ukraine

CNN’s Sam Kiley reports on dozens of surrogate-born babies awaiting pickup from shelter in Kyiv

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports from Mykolaiv as residents fear Russian ground assault

Journalist who protested on Russian state TV: ‘It was impossible to stay silent’

Equipo de Conclusiones se refugia en un sótano por riesgo de bombardeo en Lviv

Anatomy of a hospital attack: CNN investigates what happened in Mariupol

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh gains rare access to the front line of Ukraine’s fight to take back Kherson

CNN’s Ed Lavandera meets a Polish couple welcoming Ukrainian refugees in their home

Kremlin spokesperson: Putin has not achieved aims in Ukraine yet

Refugees from Kharkiv speak to CNN’s Miguel Marquez about fleeing Ukraine for Romania

Ukrainian fighter jet interrupts CNN’s interview with pilot

‘A fight between good and evil’: The Klitschko brothers on the battle for Ukraine

Don Lemon reports from airstrike aftermath near Lviv

Fred Pleitgen on covering Russia’s invasion from both sides of the border

They tried to reveal what life was like under Russian occupation. Then they disappeared

Ukrainian children create postcards for troops on the frontlines

‘We have stronger morale and spirit’: Amanpour speaks to the Ukrainian resistance

CNN captures horrific photos of mass grave site in Ukraine

CNN crew survives close call in area under Russian assault

CNN discovers mass grave outside Kyiv as horror grows

In Borodianka, basement shelters turned into graveyards

CNN Exclusive Interview with Polish President Andrzej Duda

Ukrainians shocked by ‘crazy’ scene at Chernobyl after Russian pullout reveals radioactive contamination

CNN’s Matt Rivers reports on Russians turning on Putin

First Lady Olena Zelenska tells Amanpour: No one in Ukraine is safe from Russian forces

86-year-old woman rescued in Ukraine after outpouring of support

Clarissa Ward reports from city pulverized by Russian strikes


Images of CNN correspondents in the field: