October 25th, 2021

The Global Brief with Bianca Nobilo returns to CNN International’s EMEA prime time lineup

CNN International is adding further live programming from its London bureau with the launch of The Global Brief with Bianca Nobilo from today, 25th October.

Airing Monday to Friday at 5pm ET, the dynamic 30-minute programme provides viewers with an incisive look and analysis of the latest news events from around the world.

The Global Brief with Bianca Nobilo is the latest programme to be broadcast from CNN’s EMEA headquarters. It follows the debut of CNN Newsroom with Isa Soares alongside the return of Amanpour, Hala Gorani Tonight, and World Sport to the network’s London studio.

The Global Brief with Bianca Nobilo airs on CNN International at 5pm ET, 10pm BST and 10am NZST.

Follow Bianca on Twitter and Instagram and see more from The Global Brief with Bianca Nobilo on CNN.com.

New CNN International EMEA evening prime time lineup, effective 25 October:
12:00pm ET | 5:00pm BST | 6:00pm CET One World with Zain Asher (CNN New York)
12:45pm ET | 5:45pm BST | 6:45pm CET Feature show
1:00pm ET | 6:00pm BST | 7:00pm CET Amanpour (CNN London)
2:00pm ET | 7:00pm BST | 8:00pm CET Hala Gorani Tonight (CNN London)
3:00pm ET | 8:00pm BST | 9:00pm CET Quest Means Business (CNN New York)
4:00pm ET | 9:00pm BST | 10:00pm CET The Lead with Jake Tapper (CNN Washington)
5:00pm ET | 10:00pm BST | 11:00pm CET The Global Brief with Bianca Nobilo (CNN London)
5:30pm ET | 10:30pm BST | 11:30pm CET World Sport (CNN Atlanta)
6:00pm ET | 11:00pm BST | 12:00am CET The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (CNN Washington)