May 24th, 2021

CNN Digital Launches “Life, But Better” Wellness and Lifestyle Destination

CNN Digital announced today the launch of Life, But Better – an essential source for information and tools that inspire and challenge people to lead better lives.

In this time of uncertainty and change, Life, But Better will empower audiences on their endless pursuit of self-optimization, equipping them with tools to navigate the most vital aspects of life: Food, Fitness, Sleep, Mindfulness and Relationships.

After a year of wellness coverage focused on getting through a global pandemic, Life, But Better is CNN’s new home for expanded wellness journalism designed to meet audiences at their interests and priorities at the start of a new and optimistic era of thriving on the other side. At, audiences can find daily articles, videos and interactive visual journalism by CNN staff and expert contributors.

“When we say we want to make life ‘better,’ that word is subjective, of course,” said CNN Digital’s editorial director of features David Allan. Wherever you are in life, ‘better’ can mean ‘healthier,’ ‘happier,’ ‘more connected,’ ‘more creative,’ ‘wiser.’ It means all those things to us. However you define ‘better,’ we will work hard to meet that definition.”

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Sophie Tran