May 20th, 2021

CNN Debuts Newsletter ‘Race Deconstructed’

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CNN announced today the debut of Race Deconstructed, a new weekly newsletter that will allow readers to gain insight into current events and American history through conversations on the role that race plays in culture, politics and more.

Since George Floyd’s murder last May, the US has engaged in another reckoning with racial caste, examining the enduring menace of police brutality against Black Americans. Now, one month after Derek Chauvin’s April 20 conviction of murdering George Floyd, CNN Politics writer Brandon Tensley leads the first installment of the weekly newsletter from CNN’s Race & Equality team with a news analysis and Q&A discussing policing in America and the impact on Black communities with Monica Bell, an associate professor of law and sociology at Yale.

Running through summer 2021 from CNN’s Race & Equality team, Race Deconstructed will look at today’s current climate through weekly discussions helmed by Tensley’s sharp analysis around the policing crisis, how we talk about race now, what has changed, the path forward, and more.


Lauren Bobek