August 19th, 2020

Night 2 of The Democratic National Convention


CNN Dominates NBC, ABC, CBS and FNC in Total Viewers Once Again 

CNN Digital Sees 32 Million Unique Visitors on Day 2

For the second straight night, CNN was #1 among adults 25-54 and younger viewers 18-34, topping all the networks including MSNBC, NBC, ABC, FNC and CBS News during NIGHT 2 of the Democratic National Convention’s virtual convention.  CNN once again also surpassed the three broadcast networks (NBC, ABC and CBS) as well as FNC in total viewers. CNN’s digital platforms had strong numbers yesterday, as the most watched and most used news and information brand in the world.


10pm Hour:  Broadcast and Cable News coverage / Former President Bill Clinton, Dr. Jill Biden

 CNN:  1.304 million among adults 25-54, 365k among 18-34 and 4.336 million total viewers (10-11pm)

MSNBC: 1.062 million adults 25-54/214k in 18-34/5.406 million total viewers (10-11pm)

NBC News:  592k among adults 25-54/99k among 18-34/2.323 million total viewers (10-11:10pm)

ABC News: 584k adults 25-54/104k in 18-34/2.246 million total viewers (10-11:06pm)

CBS News: 482k among adults 25-54/105k in 18-34/2.069 million total viewers (10-11:11pm)

FNC: 435k among adults 25-54/73k among 18-34/2.220 million total viewers (10-11pm)


9-11pm Hours: Full DNC Program Cable News Coverage

CNN was #1 among adults 25-54 with 1.287 million and 345k among 18-34.  In total viewers, CNN averaged 4.312million.

MSNBC was second with 1.004k among adults 25-54 and 204k among 18-34.  In total viewers, MSNBC had 5.283million.

FNC: was third with 554k adults 25-54/108k 18-34/3.105 million total viewers.


8-11pm Prime Time: Cable News Coverage

Last night during primetime, CNN ranked #1 in cable news among adults 25-54 with 1.047 million, MSNBC followed with 836k and FNC lagged with 625k.  Among younger viewers 18-34, CNN averaged 266k, MSNBC posted 168k and FNC had 127k.   In total viewers, CNN had 3.617million, MSNBC had 4.550 million and FNC was third 3.483 million. 


CNN Digital

CNN Digital saw 32 million unique visitors and 13 million video starts across its desktop, mobile and OTT devices on the second day of the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Digital multiplatform unique visitors and video starts are up 38% and 19% versus the second day of the 2016 DNC. Video starts are also up 38% versus the first day of the 2020 DNC.

CNN’s live stream saw 787k total day live starts and 216k 9-11pm convention live starts on CNN’s owned platforms (, CNNgo on OTT apps & CNN mobile apps for iOS and Android; CNN’s convention coverage was not live streamed on social properties). The live stream peaked at 79K during “Roll Call Across America” at 9:50pm.

CNN saw 53k users live stream the average minute of the convention programming from 9-11pm (equivalent to the way TV ratings are calculated). Digital average audience was up +6% from day 2 of the conventions in 2016.

TV plus digital live streaming produced a combined average audience of 4.365 million total viewers. Digital viewing added a 1.2% lift to CNN TV P2+ average audience.

The audio of the convention also streamed on CNN’s channels on SiriusXM, and TuneIn Radio.