March 13th, 2020

Large Audiences are Turning to CNN for News, Information and Facts Re Coronavirus

CNN’S Town Hall with Facebook Draws Large Audience Among Adults 25-54 Last Night

Biggest Town Hall in More than Two Years for both Television and Digital

1.7M Live Stream Starts on CNN Digital

As the nation’s public health crisis grows, viewers are tuning to CNN on all platforms to get the latest news and information and most reliable facts by large margins.  Last night, CNN aired a Global Town Hall Coronavirus Facts and Fears with Facebook (10pm-12am) with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  Joining them were health experts and CNN correspondents from around the world who provided important information and answered questions from the public through CNN’s Facebook and Instagram Page (this Town Hall did not have a studio audience).


On television last night, CNN’s Town Hall Coronavirus Facts and Fears with Facebook averaged 785k in the key demo 25-54 from 10p-12a, ET.  This is a +25% advantage over Fox’s 627k and +78% more than MSNBC’s 441k.  Among younger viewers (18-34), CNN attracted 150k to Fox’s 84k to MSNBC’s 54k.  This was CNN’s most-watched Town Hall in more than two years.


The Global Town Hall – Coronavirus: Facts & Fears with Facebook saw 1.7 million live stream starts on CNN Digital, which was CNN Digital’s biggest Town Hall in more than 2 years. On Facebook, the live stream of the Town Hall saw 14 million live streams, peaking at 192K concurrent viewers at 11:25pm ET, with 308K engagements and climbing (223K reactions, 46.7K comments and 42.5K shares). It has seen an additional million streams of on demand viewing, to total 15 million and climbing. The Town Hall did not require a login to a cable provider on CNN’s Digital properties.


The day overall reached 51.6 million unique visitors to CNN Digital – the third biggest day in CNN history, behind only Election Day 2016 and the day after – and 34 million video starts.