December 10th, 2019

CNN International to Air Special Coverage of the 2019 UK Election

As voters across the United Kingdom head to the polls, CNN International will air special programming of the UK election starting at 10pm GMT on Thursday, December 12, providing viewers with the latest polls, updates, results and reactions.

Richard Quest, Bianca Nobilo and Hala Gorani will lead the network’s special coverage from CNN’s London studio with Julia Chatterley covering the political angles and business reaction live from College Green.

Anna Stewart will track all 650 constituency races from CNN’s headquarters using an interactive 3D visualization, giving viewers a dynamic display of real-time data for each race. Joining her in studio will be Stephen Collinson, who will provide insight and analysis of the key races and voting trends as the night unfolds.

Nic Robertson will be at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s campaign headquarters in Uxbridge while Phil Black will be in Islington with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. Scott McLean will report throughout the night from Edinburgh.

As results come in overnight, Christiane Amanpour, Isa Soares and Cyril Vanier will continue anchoring CNN’s special coverage from College Green, with Max Foster reporting live from Downing Street.

Nina Dos Santos and Matthew Chance will gauge reaction from voters across the UK and Melissa Bell will be in Brussels monitoring the UK’s future relationship with the European Union.

As part of its UK Election 2019 special coverage, CNN Digital will provide real-time results on the homepage as well as a live blog giving users access to the news, analysis and reaction to election night results.