May 2nd, 2019

CNN Vision Programming Highlights – May

This month’s programming highlights on CNN International, including shows such as Supercharged, CNN Equestrian and Iconic India: 



Saturday 4th May at 0230 ET/ 0730 BST and 1730 ET/ 2230 BST

Sunday 5th May at 1230 ET/ 1730 BST and 2130 ET/ 0230 BST

Thursday 9th May at 0430 ET/ 0930 BST and 1230 ET/ 1730 BST


This month on Supercharged, CNN travels from London to Paris in an electric vehicle on a single charge. Host Nicki Shields drives a Kia eNiro to the Formula E Paris race without stopping once to charge the battery demonstrating the range of the eNiro while challenging the misconception that electric cars are only designed for short distances.

During her drive, the programme looks back on the Rome ePrix and looks ahead to the street race in Paris.

In Paris, Shields speaks to the editor of “What Car” magazine, whose decision it was to award the eNiro “Car of the Year”- the 1st electric car to win this title. Shields also interviews French racing driver and reigning champion Jean Eric Vergne ahead of his home race.

Other guests interviewed on the programme include President of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile Jean Todt and Mitch Evans, winner of the Rome ePrix.



CNN Equestrian

Saturday 11th May at 0230 ET/ 0730 BST, 1230 ET/ 1730 BST and 1730 ET/ 2230 BST

Sunday 12th May 1230 ET/ 1730 BSTT and 2130 ET/ 0230 BST

Thursday 16th May at 0430 ET/ 0930 BST and 1230 ET/ 1730 BST


On CNN Equestrian, the programme shows elite show-jumping at its most competitive, glamorous and adventurous.

From the Arabian sands of Doha to the heights of Mexico City, via the beach sands of Miami and on to the largest city in China – Shanghai – each location is as alluring and exciting as the events which unfold.

The programme follows the first four stops on the 2019 tour while meeting the equestrian stars in both the individual (Longines Global Champions Tour) and team (Global Champions League) competitions as they navigate ever complex courses to win points, podium positions and unprecedented prize money.



Iconic India

Saturday 11th May at 0830 ET/ 1330 BST, 1130 ET/ 1630 BST, 1630 ET/2130 BST and 2230 ET/ 0330 BST

Sunday 12th May at 2030 ET/ 0130 BST

Monday 13th May at 0430 ET/ 0930 BST

Tuesday 14 May at 1230 ET/ 1730 BST


On Iconic India, CNN travels to the Nagarhole National Park – a place which attracts visitors from all over the world due to its history, spirituality and culinary scene. It is there that CNN learns how a private hunting reserve was transformed into a home for tigers, leopards and Indian elephants.

Next, the programme travels to the Biligiriangan Hills which, for thousands of years, has been home to the Soliga tribe, a nomadic group whose history, tradition and culture is deeply rooted within the forests that they live. Today the tribe are known for producing silk, honey and coffee. Here, CNN meets the founder of Black Baza Coffee Arshiya Urveeja Bose who has worked for many years with the tribe, helping them produce eco-friendly coffee and protect the bio-diversity of the forest. Bose takes CNN into the Soliga world highlighting how they are working with tourists to help protect their future.

From the Biligiriangan Hills, CNN travels to Mysuru or ‘The City of palaces’. The World Heritage-listed palace is the second most visited sight in India (after the Taj Mahal). This city is the home of the world famous ashtanga teacher Patthabi Jois, the man who took Ashtanga to the world.  Pop star Madonna, rock icon Sting and Hollywood actor Gwyneth Paltrow were all among the disciples of Jois.  CNN joins tourists at the Jois yoga school to discover how wellbeing is a way of life in this south Indian city.

Lastly, CNN travels to Ramanagara, just 50 kilometers outside of Bangalore to the city also known as the land of the seven hills. With rocky outcrops of granite stone, today it is a hub for adventure sports, especially rock climbing. CNN joins national champion Praveen C. M as he tackles the vertical faces and rocky outcrops and teaches underprivileged children how they can scale more heights through climbing.



Winning Post

Saturday 18th May at 1230 ET/ 1730 BST

Sunday 19th May at 0230 ET/ 0730 BST and 1730 ET/ 2230 BST

Thursday 23rd May at 0430 ET/ 0930 BST and 1230 ET/ 1730 BST

Saturday 25th May 0230 ET/ 0730 BST and 1730 ET/ 2230 BST

Sunday 26th May at 1230 ET/ 1730 BST


This month’s episode of Winning Post heads to the United States where the Blue Grass State plays host to what’s deemed “The greatest two minutes in sport” – the Kentucky Derby. Not only is it perhaps America’s most famous race, but it’s also the first of three that make up the Triple Crown.

On “Thurby”, the Thursday before race day host Aly Vance bears witness to the dawning of legendary trainer Bob Baffert’s defence of his title.  Attending early morning exercises, Vance finds out who’ll be leading the charge for Baffert this year as he looks for his record equaling sixth Derby win. During the rare meeting, Vance learns about Baffert’s passion for racing and the secret behind his continued success.

Baffert achieved Triple Crown glory, not just once but twice, firstly in 2015 With American Pharaoh and then in 2018 with Justify. The programme travels to Coolmore’s American operation based in Kentucky to meet the Triple Crown winners and learn what makes a Derby winner.

On Derby Day, Vance learns how the staff at Louisville’s Kerns Kitchen are dedicated to perfecting their esteemed “Derby Pie”.


CNN World Rugby

Saturday 25th May at 1230 ET/ 1730 BST

Sunday 26th May at 0230 ET/ 0730 BST, 1730 ET/ 2230 BST and 2130 ET/ 0230 BST

Thursday 30th May at 0430 ET/ 0930 BST and 1230 ET/ 1730 BST


CNN World Rugby travels to Japan, a place where flashing neon signs and pachinko parlours sit alongside ancient temples and peaceful gardens, as it prepares to make history as the first Asian nation to host a Rugby World Cup.

An estimated 400,000 rugby fans will visit Japan to cheer on 20 of the world’s best teams in their quest for glory. CNN World Rugby travels across the country to learn how it is preparing for one of sport’s biggest tournaments.

The programme also sees how rugby in Japan is attracting new and old talent, bringing hope to a city destroyed by the 2011 tsunami and playing a crucial role in Rugby Sevens.