April 22nd, 2019

CNN Digital Marks Earth Day with New Climate Initiative and Instagram Account

CNN has been at the forefront of climate change coverage for years, and now the award-winning and outstanding content, such as Vanishing: The Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction, Two Degrees, and Plastic Island, will live under a new home where the audience can fully immerse in this issue.

At CNN.com/Climate, users can find daily climate, environment stories, op-eds, investigations and engaging interactives. Visitors will find a wide range of content emphasizing CNN’s global reporting strength, from Greenland to the Great Barrier Reef, to fact-checking climate change lies and testing your knowledge about the most effective steps in fighting climate change.

CNN is taking questions from the audience on the science and impacts of climate change and plans to use the responses to drive coverage going forward. Ask your questions here.

In addition, CNN launched a climate change Instagram account today to inform and educate audiences on the topic of climate change and its impacts on our health, the world economy, weather, communities, and the natural world. This account engages with the community to also cover how companies and individuals are creating solutions and changing habits or policies to lessen their environmental impact.

Posts from @CNNClimate will include expert analysis, daily stories, and videos – including IGTV, and community-driven content.

View the Instagram account here and explore CNN’s climate change coverage at CNN.com/climate.