February 28th, 2019

CNN Was Most Watched in Cable News During Michael Cohen’s Testimony in Key Demos

CNN Also #1 in Total Day Among 25-54

CNN Digital Sees Third Biggest Day in Last Year

Across cable news, more people watched Michael Cohen’s House Oversight Committee testimony on CNN yesterday (10am-5:15pm) in the key demo adults 25-54 and among younger viewers 18-34.  Among adults 25-54, CNN averaged 588k +52% more than Fox’s 388k and a +30% advantage over MSNBC’s 452k.  In younger viewers 18-34, CNN was also most watched with 117k, MSNBC followed with 111k and Fox lagged with 75k.  In total viewers, CNN averaged 2.153 million, MSNBC had 2.834 and Fox had 2.340 million.

CNN was also #1 in total day (3am-3am) yesterday in the demo adults 25-54 with 425k, MSNBC and Fox tied with 367k.

On CNN Digital, Wednesday was the third biggest day in the last year in live video starts, behind only the 2018 Midterm Election Day and Day 1 of the Kavanaugh/Ford Hearing. CNN Digital reached 26M cross-platform unique visitors, 29 mm video starts, and saw 5.7M live video starts. Concurrent streams of the hearing peaked at 476K at 1:50pm and averaged over 380K during the full event. Additionally, the live blog covering the Cohen testimony saw 3M+ unique visitors.

CNN Digital viewing added a 15% lift to CNN TV total viewer average audience for the Michael Cohen House Oversight Committee Testimony. This is the highest digital lift for any event on record.