January 31st, 2018

CNN’s State of the Union Coverage Ranks #2 in Cable News

Tops MSNBC Across the Board 

1.7 Million Live Stream SOTU Video Starts for CNN Digital

CNN’s coverage of President Trump’s State of the Union last night ranked #2 in cable news, easily topping MSNBC in all demos across the board.  CNN also topped MSNBC in prime time:

State of the Union Address (9:15-10:30pm)

                        ADULTS 25-54                     TOTAL VIEWERS              18-34

CNN               1.322 million                           3.110 million                    444k

MSNBC            663k                                            2.665 million                        213k

Fox News          3.346 million                           11.743 million                            672k


Prime Time (8-11:00pm)

                        ADULTS 25-54                     TOTAL VIEWERS              18-34

CNN               1.058 million                           2.540 million                   324k

MSNBC             614k                                             2.528 million                       178k

Fox News          2.401 million                             8.759 million                       468k


CNN Digital’s live stream of the State of the Union address saw 1.7 million live video starts across CNN.com, CNNi.com, CNN mobile apps and OTT devices. Viewers peaked at 9:55PM with with 320K concurrent users, exceeding the 2017 Address to Congress. Tuesday also saw 22 million unique visitors and 19 million video starts across all digital platforms. CNN Politics recorded 6 million unique visitors and 6 million video starts on January 30th as well.