December 4th, 2017

CNN’s ‘Feast on Tokyo’ Meets the City’s Extraordinary Chefs and their Gourmet Masterpieces

A dish in the hands of a skilled chef is often compared to a symphony, combining flavors in harmony to create something truly spectacular. This month, CNN’s “Feast on Tokyo” profiles five restaurants in the world’s leading culinary destination. “Feast on Tokyo” is part of a theme week that showcases the passionate preparation these renowned chefs’ put into their special cuisine, and explains their signature dishes. The 30-minute special show aims to capture the distinctive personality of each dish and create a sensory experience for CNN viewers across the globe.


The chefs featured on the show include:


Ryo Murata: Michelin-starred eel and sake restaurant “Ryo”

“Cooking eels requires a lot of technique. We cook with eels every single day but we still try and think of ways that we could make them taste even better. Even today we experiment with how we prepare or stock them. It’s quite fun.”


Kenji Hasegawa: Michelin-starred soba at “Kyourakutei”

“Restaurants in Kagurazaka have an image of being exclusive and hard to get into. But at the end of the day it is a soba restaurant so I wanted everyone to feel comfortable when they come in. There are no rules when it comes to eating soba. As long as you don’t bother anyone you can eat it however you like.”


Kohei Onoda: Outstanding yakatori at “Torikado”

“Chickens are living things and we don’t want to waste any part of it. I think it’s respectful to use every part of the chicken from head to toe such as its heart, liver, tail, cartilage and bones. I want to cook every part of the chicken appropriately.”


Susumu Kakinuma: Pizza pioneer at “Seirinkan”

“We only serve two types of pizzas at Seirinkan, margherita and marinara. That’s because, at least the way I look at it, pizza is about the crust. It’s not about the toppings but about the taste of the crust. The toppings are there to make the taste of the crust stand out. So that’s why I think we only need two.”


Shinya Sakurai: Tea master at “Sakurai Japanese Tea Experience”

“I want people to experience the tea from all over Japan through five senses like seeing them, smelling them and tasting them. Also I want people to get out from ordinary life and enjoy Japanese tea as well as the Japanese culture and quite peaceful space.”


‘Feast on Tokyo’ trailer:


Airtimes for 30-minute special:

Saturday, December 9th at 2130 HKT

Sunday, December 10th at 0030 HKT

Monday, December 11th at 1230 HKT

Tuesday, December 12th at 1830 HKT

Wednesday, December 13th at 1730 HKT