December 1st, 2016

CNN Exclusive: Plastic Island

CNN presents Plastic Island, an exclusive digital documentary exploring the damage plastic is doing to our oceans – and potentially to our health.

CNN got exclusive access to Midway Atoll in the north Pacific Ocean, where the plastic we throw away each day washes up on the beach, works its way into the ocean and potentially ends up in our food. This Pacific island is on the frontline of the world’s fight against discarded plastic and its damage to the environment.

From the frontline, CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh, Ingrid Formanek, Jackson Loo and Mark Phillips take a closer look at the toll our disposable culture is taking on the wildlife there – and the health implications for the rest of the world.

This exclusive includes a mini-documentary, a personal essay from CNN correspondent Nick Paton Walsh, an animated video explaining microplastics and graphics illustrating the amount of plastic in the ocean and the life cycle of a toothbrush.

Watch the special report on plastic polluting the oceans, and what we can do to stop it at