November 16th, 2016

You called, CNN listened: What voicemails reveal about the American voter

What 10,000+ voicemails reveal about the American voter

Devastated. Ecstatic. Afraid. Hopeful.

We asked American voters how they are feeling about the outcome of the election and their new president-elect. You left us more than 1,500 voicemails in four days. We listened.

Here’s what you said.

In a project based off the successful Love Story initiative, CNN opened up a voicemail box to hear straight from the American people.

We heard from an Obama turned Trump voter, a registered Republican who voted for Clinton, a Trump voter who feels uneasy about their vote and many, many more.

Explore voicemails verified by CNN Digital, and call in yourself to tell us how you feel. The voicemail box will be open through Inauguration 2017 and we’re still listening.