July 26th, 2016

CNN #1 by Far Last Night Among Broadcast and Cable News Networks

CNN is Way up vs. 2012

CNN Digital Opens DNC Convention With 19 Million Unique Visitors

First Night DNC:  Broadcast and Cable News Coverage of First Lady Michelle Obama, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders

During the first night of the Democratic National Convention, CNN outperformed all the cable and broadcast news channels by wide margins in both total viewers and among adults 25-54

CNN delivered 6.208 million P2+and 2.187m adults 25-54 (10-11:30pm)

MSNBC delivered 4.597 million  P2+ and 1.398m adults 25-54 (10-11:30pm)

NBC News delivered 4.293 million P2+ and 1.731m adults 25-54 (10-11:25pm)

ABC News delivered 4.107 million  P2+ and 1.351m adults 25-54 (10-11:28pm)

Fox News delivered 3.330 million P2+ and 898k adults 25-54 (10-11:30pm)

CBS News delivered 3.206 million P2+ and 1.052m adults 25-54 (10-11:25pm)

First Night DNC:  Cable News Primetime 8-11pm

Last night during primetime, CNN ranked #1 in cable news with 5.120 million total viewers, +37% more than second place MSNBC’s 3.749 million and Fox News’  3.731 million.   Among adults 25-54, CNN also ranked #1 with 1.702 million, MSNBC followed with 1.075 million and Fox News’ lagged far behind with 858k.

Compared to the first night of the DNC 2012 (Tuesday, September 4), CNN is up by a dramatic +70% in total viewers (5.120 million vs. 3.003 million 2012) and is up an impressive +70% among adults 25-54 (1.702 million vs. 1.002 million 2012)  during primetime.

CNN has overtaken MSNBC to rank #1 in both total viewers and adults 25-54 this year vs 2012 when MSNBC was ranked first on the first night of the DNC.

CNN Digital

CNN Digital opened the DNC Convention week with 19 million unique visitors across desktop and mobile devices — matching the start of the RNC Convention in Cleveland. CNNgo live stream starts were up double-digits from the first day of the RNC. CNN Politics also welcomed 7 million unique visitors across properties, along with 8 million video starts.