July 21st, 2016

CNN Tops ABC, CBS, MSNBC During Third Night of RNC: Narrows Gap with Fox News From 4 Years Ago

CNN Tops ABC News, CBS News and MSNBC during Third Night of the Republican National Convention

CNN Way Up vs. 2012, Narrows Demo Gap with Fox Significantly Since Four Years Ago

CNN Digital Outpaces 2008 & 2012 Convention Performance

In prime time (8-11pm) last night, CNN attracted 3.031 million  total viewers, +84% more than MSNBC’s 1.645 million; Fox News had 5.813 million in total viewers during Day Three of the Republican National Convention.  In the demo 25-54 CNN had 893k, MSNBC trailed with 452k,  Fox News delivered 1.313 million. 

Compared to the night of the VP nomination in 2012, CNN is way up in total viewers (3.031m vs. 1.115m in 2012) in primetime. In the demo, CNN is also up dramatically (893k vs. 342k in 2012).  CNN has narrowed the gap with Fox in the demo 25-54 compared to four years ago.  In 2012 CNN averaged 342k to Fox News’ 1.422m; this RNC convention, CNN averaged 893k to Fox’s 1.313m in primetime.

From 10pm-11:15pm, when the broadcast networks were in convention coverage, CNN beat ABC News, CBS News in total viewers and among adults 25-54 during Day Three of convention coverage.  CNN also easily outperformed MSNBC during this time period.

Total Viewers — 10pm

Fox News – 7.247m

NBC – 5.060m

CNN — 3.436m

CBS – 2.531m

ABC – 2.303m

MSNBC 1.964m


Demo 25-54 – 10pm

NBC – 1.770m

Fox News – 1.717m

CNN – 1.043m

ABC – 799k

CBS  – 718k

MSNBC – 549k 

An audience of 18 million turned to CNN Digital on the third day of the RNC Convention in Cleveland. unique visitors exceeded the unique visitors of the Wednesday of the RNC convention in 2012 by 44% and video starts by 212% and the Wednesday of the 2008 RNC convention in uniques by 55% and video starts by 324%. CNN Politics also welcomed 8 million unique visitors and 8 million video starts on day 3 in Cleveland.



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