June 10th, 2016

CNN Heroes teams up with CrowdRise for online donations

Supporters can now contribute to the CNN Heroes’ designated causes through CrowdRise

CNN has partnered with CrowdRise, the world’s largest and fastest-growing fundraising platform dedicated exclusively to charitable fundraising, enabling people to make donations to this year’s CNN Heroes and their causes.

Beginning today, supporters can make online donations to the CNN Heroes’ designated charities and causes directly from their stories on CNN.com, as well as by clicking the ‘Donate to this Fundraiser’ button on the individual CrowdRise pages which can be accessed here.

Now in its tenth year, the Peabody Award-winning, Emmy-nominated CNN Heroes campaign has profiled more than 250 heroes and has received over 50,000 nominations from more than 100 countries. Social media users are encouraged to “like” CNN Heroes on Facebook, follow @CNNHeroes on Twitter, and use hashtag #CNNHeroes. Behind-the-scenes images can be viewed on the CNN Heroes Instagram account.