March 9th, 2016

CNN’s Richard Quest goes round the world in 8 days using low cost airlines

10 Airlines, 9 Countries, 8 Days… One Journey around the World

London, 9 March 2016. Richard Quest, CNN’s aviation correspondent and anchor of Quest Means Business, is embarking on an 8 day round the world marathon using only low cost airlines.  The journey will take in 10 airlines, 9 countries, 12 cities and 13 airports.

The project, for the network’s CNN Business Traveller programme, is designed to show how far businesses can go on the world’s expanding range of budget carriers.

Quest, who was recently appointed CNNMoney’s Editor at Large, said: ‎”These airlines have democratised flying, and are now the backbone of short-haul travel in Europe, Asia and America. They’re used for business as well as leisure and are often the only way to get between certain towns and cities. But now they’re changing too, with more perks, benefits and the addition of new long-haul routes.”

Beginning in London, UK, the trip will stop in Belgium, the Czech Republic, the UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Hawaii, before crossing mainland USA from Los Angeles to New York, and returning to London.

Quest and his team will be reporting on and CNN International throughout the trip, as well as documenting their adventure on social media.  The marathon journey will then be showcased in a special edition of CNN Business Traveller, first airing on CNN International on 14 April at 0930 BST/1030 CET.

Quest added: “We’re being very strict about it.  The rules are that the trip has to start and end in the same place, we can only travel in one direction, and we can’t backtrack between continents.  We’re only using low cost carriers and we’re not allowed to take premium class tickets – it’s economy all the way.  There’s a serious point though. We want to show just how far you can go in low cost, and see which airlines are offering the best service for those on business and on a budget.”

The trip begins on Saturday 12 March at London’s Gatwick Airport, returning on 20 March.  Follow Quest’s progress on Twitter via @richardquest #FlywithQuest

Round the world in low cost – full itinerary

London – Brussels – Prague – Dubai – Sharjah – Colombo – Kuala Lumpur – Singapore – Sydney – Honolulu – Los Angeles – New York- London