February 23rd, 2016



Kicking off 2016 with a win, CNN posted strong digital growth in January and outperformed all competitors in multiplatform views, video and social.  January marked a nine-month winning streak in video and CNN’s 10th consecutive month as #1 in views. CNN topped HuffPost and BuzzFeed in every single metric and barely trailed Yahoo News in multiplatform unique visitors and mobile uniques.

Across desktop and mobile, CNN content earned more views than that of any other news organization. With 1.7 billion views in January, CNN beat second-place Yahoo News by 17% and third-place Fox News by 52%.

CNN: 1.7 Billion Views

  • Yahoo News – 1.4 B views
  • Foxnews.com – 1.1 B views
  • Buzzfeed.com – 859 mm views
  • Washingtonpost.com – 735 mm views
  • MSN News – 720 mm views

(Source: comScore MultiPlatform, Jan. 2016)

Behind Yahoo News by a mere 4 million unique visitors, CNN beat all other news competitors in multiplatform uniques (desktop + mobile).

CNN: 99 million unique visitors

  • Huffingtonpost.com – 82 mm unique visitors
  • Buzzfeed.com – 80 mm unique visitors
  • The New York Times Brand – 73 mm unique visitors
  • Washingtonpost.com – 70 mm unique visitors
  • Foxnews.com – 64 mm unique visitors

Trailing only Yahoo News (79 mm), CNN bested all other outlets in mobile unique visitors. With 71 million mobile uniques, CNN outranked third-place BuzzFeed.com by 5 million and fourth-place Huffingtonpost.com by 6 million.

CNN: 71 mm unique visitors

  • Buzzfeed.com – 66 mm unqiue visitors
  • Huffingtonpost.com – 65 mm unique visitors
  • Washingtonpost.com – 55 mm unique visitors
  • The New York Times Brand – 54 mm unique visitors
  • Foxnews.com – 48 mm unique visitors

(Comscore Mobile Metrix, Jan. 2016)

With 251 million video streams for January, CNN easily beat all news competition in video, topping Yahoo News by 32 million streams and third-place Foxnews.com by 108 million streams.

CNN: 251 Million Streams

  • Yahoo News – 219 mm streams
  • Foxnews.com – 143 mm streams
  • Buzzfeed.com – 91 mm streams
  • MSN News – 68 mm streams
  • USAToday.com – 37 mm streams

More consumers watched video on CNN than on any other news site in January. With 26 million viewers, CNN outperformed Yahoo News by 4 million visitors and more than doubled the viewers of Foxnews.com and MSN News.

CNN: 26 Million Unique Viewers

  • Yahoo News – 22 mm unique viewers
  • Foxnews.com – 13 mm unique viewers
  • MSN News – 12 mm unique viewers
  • Buzzfeed.com – 8 mm unique viewers
  • USAToday.com – 8 mm unique viewers

Audiences spent more time consuming CNN video — a whopping 1.8 billion minutes — than that of any other news site. CNN beat Foxnews.com by 24% and Yahoo News by 41%.

CNN: 1.8 Billion Minutes

  • Foxnews.com – 1.4 B minutes
  • Yahoo News – 1.2 B minutes
  • MSN News – 739 mm minutes
  • Buzzfeed.com – 263 mm minutes
  • USAToday.com – 262 mm minutes

(Source: comScore Video Metrix, Jan. 2016 – Desktop)

In addition to its successful off-platform publishing initiatives such as Snapchat Discover, Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles, CNN maintained its number one position in social media with more mentions, fans and followers than any other news outlet.

  • More social mentions than any other news organization
  • The most followed social news brand with 20.4 mm Facebook fans
  • 56 mm Twitter followers across CNN’s main accounts, more than any other news organization
  • 1.5 million Instagram followers, more than any other news organization

(Social Mentions: Sysomos, 1/31/2016. Brand comparisons for social mentions include ABC News, Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, msnbc, Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, NPR and HLN; Social comparisons for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: Shareablee, 1/31/2016. Brands included in comparison are ABC News, BBC World News, Buzzfeed, CBS News, Daily Mail, Fox News, Mashable, MSNBC, NBC, NowThis, NPR, Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, VICE, and VICE News.; Facebook API, 1/31/2016. CNN Facebook number includes CNN Facebook flagship account only.; Twitter API, 1/31/2016. Twitter for CNN includes @CNN and @CNNBRK.; Instagram: Shareablee, 1/31/2016. Number is for the flagship CNN Instagram account.)