February 15th, 2016

CNNMoney Embarks on Aggressive Global Expansion

CNN Worldwide announced today the expansion of its CNNMoney brand internationally, across both TV and digital, to provide consumers around the world its industry-leading business and financial news and analysis. With the addition of staff in London, Dubai, New Delhi and Hong Kong, CNNMoney will launch new franchises, series, features and reporting tailored directly to the regions and audiences it covers.

For CNN Worldwide it’s an opportunity to draft off the resurgence of the CNNMoney brand in the U.S., while utilizing the power and reach of CNN International, all under one banner.

“By uniting our portfolio of U.S. and international business reporting under the CNNMoney brand, we now offer an even more compelling product to globally-minded consumers hungry for a smart, accessible business and financial news experience – everywhere in the world,” said Mike McCarthy, senior vice president and general manager of CNN International.

Coverage from CNNMoney will span Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. It will focus on global markets and the economy, business strategy, corporate leadership, global brands, business travel, lifestyle and luxury, as well as industries such as auto, energy and technology.

The venture will tap the talents of Richard Quest, Nina dos Santos and Maggie Lake whose programs will represent CNNMoney on television. CNNMoney View with Nina dos Santos will air at 6a ET from London, CNNMoney with Maggie Lake will air at 9a ET and Quest Means Business, anchored by Richard Quest, will air from New York at 4p ET. In addition, Quest will now serve as editor-at-large for CNNMoney and he will pen a global daily newsletter “CNNMoney Presents: Quest Means Business,” timed to the open of the Asia markets.

Also joining the CNNMoney roster are John Defterios, emerging markets editor based in Abu Dhabi; Andrew Stevens, Asia Pacific editor based in Hong Kong; Eleni Giokos, Africa business correspondent based in Johannesburg; and Samuel Burke, CNNMoney business correspondent based in New York. The multi-platform editorial teams will be led by Penny Manis, director of global business news programming based in New York, and Mark Thompson, international managing editor of CNNMoney who is based in London.

The global initiative will expand CNNMoney’s data-driven storytelling and digital war rooms to international bureaus, arming reporters with the most advanced tools and analytics available to drive and react to stories in the global marketplace.

“CNNMoney is a unique business offering built on the pillars of journalistic excellence, unprecedented scale of premium audiences and industry-leading use of data insight,” said Petra Malenicka, SVP, Advertising Sales, Western Europe and the Americas, CNN International. “The synergy of the CNNMoney brand, the highly relevant content and the effective turn-key commercial solutions powered by granular targeting creates the most compelling advertising proposition for any brand that wants to engage with the premium business audience at scale in specific regions, markets or globally.”

For more information on CNNMoney’s global expansion and products, see the editor’s note from CNNMoney executive editor Lex Haris and international managing editor Mark Thompson.