January 27th, 2016

CNN Politics Presents: “Why I’m voting for Trump”

CNN Politics talked to more than 150 people in 31 cities to explore what’s driving the Trump phenomenon. Here’s what they found.

They are showing up in droves to see Donald Trump – but who are they? In an effort to capture the remarkable Trump phenomenon — and the anti-establishment anger, and the racial and economic fears beneath it — CNN Politics reporters MJ Lee, Sara Murray, Jeremy Diamond, Noah Gray and Tal Kopan spoke with more than 150 people in 31 cities to produce a new in-depth report.

The voices — including supporters and opponents of Trump — that CNN reporters interviewed across the country over the past few months are captured and displayed in video and text form to provide a snapshot of a political movement unprecedented in modern politics.

They reflect some of the loudest and most passionate defenders of Trump. Many people CNN interviewed were not turned off by Trump’s provocative remarks — but inclined to agree with his statements and his unvarnished approach to self-expression.

But there are also other factors feeding the enthusiasm: the belief that Americans are unsafe, and he will protect them; an appreciation for the simple good vs. evil worldview he presents; an admiration of his celebrity status and business background. And, above all, a faith that he will restore an America they feel has been lost to them, and dream of experiencing again.