January 21st, 2016


After leading the competition for eight consecutive months in multiplatform views and across all digital video metrics, CNN ended 2015 as the number one source of news and information online.  Additionally, a significant expansion of its off-platform publishing operation enabled the network to maintain its social leadership position for the year.

Average monthly traffic measurements place CNN on top in the following categories:

CNN is #1 in Multiplatform Views
Across desktop and mobile, CNN content earned more views than that of any other news organization.  With an average of 1.4 B views, CNN beat second-place Yahoo News by 2% and third-place Fox News by 45%.

CNN:  1.4 Billion Views

  • Yahoo News – 1.3 B views
  • Fox News – 955 mm views
  • BuzzFeed – 716 mm views
  • Huffingtonpost.com – 701 mm views
  • MSN News – 660 mm views

(Source: comScore MultiPlatform, Jan-Dec 2015.)

CNN is #1 in Video Streams
With an average of 187 million video streams per month, CNN outperformed all competitors in video, beating Yahoo News by 17 million streams and nearly doubling BuzzFeed.com’s average monthly figures.

CNN:  187 Million Streams

  • Yahoo News – 169 mm streams
  • Buzzfeed.com – 107 mm streams
  • FoxNews.com – 92 mm streams
  • MSN News – 51 mm streams
  • NBCNews.com – 41 mm streams

CNN Video is #1 in Unique Viewers
More consumers watched video on CNN than on any other news site in 2015.  CNN bested Yahoo News and more than doubled the number of average unique viewers that MSN News, Buzzfeed.com and NBCNews.com saw per month.

CNN:  19 Million Unique Viewers

  • Yahoo News – 18 mm unique viewers
  • FoxNews.com – 10 mm unique viewers
  • MSN News – 9 mm unique viewers
  • Buzzfeed.com – 9 mm unique viewers
  • NBCNews.com – 7 mm unique viewers

CNN Video is #1 in Minutes Consumed
On average for the year, people spent more time consuming CNN video than that of any other news site in 2015.  CNN’s consumption times were more than double that of MSN News and five times greater than Buzzfeed.com and NBCNews.com.

CNN:  1.3 Billion Minutes

  • Yahoo News – 1 B minutes
  • FoxNews.com – 823 mm minutes
  • MSN News – 518 mm minutes
  • Buzzfeed.com – 289 mm minutes
  • NBCNews.com – 233 mm minutes

(Source: comScore Video Metrix, Jan- Dec. 2015 – Desktop)

CNN is #1 in Social
In addition to an expansion onto new platforms such as Snapchat Discover, CNN maintained its number one position in social for 2015 with more mentions, fans and followers than any other news outlet.

  • More social mentions than any other news organization.
  • The most followed social news brand with 20.2 mm Facebook fans.
  • 55 mm Twitter followers across CNN’s main accounts, more than any other news organization.
  • 1.5 million Instagram followers, more than any other news organization.

(Sources:  Social: Shareablee 12/31/2015. Brands included in comparison are ABC News, BBC World News, Buzzfeed, CBS News, Daily Mail, Fox News, Mashable, MSNBC, NBC, NowThis, NPR, Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, VICE, and VICE News.  Facebook API, 12/31/2015. CNN Facebook number includes CNN Facebook flagship account only.  Twitter API, 12/31/2015. Twitter for CNN includes @CNN and @CNNBRK.  All other mentions: MAP Sysomos, 1/1/2015-12/31/15.)