January 11th, 2016

CNNMoney Launches New Investigative Series: Raw Ingredients

The produce, meat and fish that’s on your plate may look wholesome and fresh…maybe even unprocessed. But here’s the truth uncovered by CNNMoney’s Cristina Alesci: those raw ingredients have been gassed, manipulated and mutated in an industrial process designed to push the limits.

CNNMoney goes where you can’t in its new exclusive investigative series Raw Ingredientstaking viewers inside the biggest food companies to examine how the industry has pushed the limits of what it can produce as dinner plates and stomachs grow.

Instead of producing food, America is engineering and importing it. Farmers pump barren soil with chemicals, polluted fisheries remain outside the reach of US regulators and meat producers help foment the next superbug.

At best, the process strips our food of nutrition and taste. At worst, it’s causing illness and disease. 

CNNMoney’s Raw Ingredients goes from the corn fields of Iowa to the nation’s salad bowl in California to the docks of Seattle and gets inside some of America’s biggest food companies to bring viewers the unprocessed story of where your food really comes from.

Explore the series in full at CNNMoney.com/RawIngredients.