October 22nd, 2015

CNN #1 in Digital News; Beats Yahoo News, Buzzfeed

CNN is on a five-month winning streak in multiplatform views (desktop + mobile) and video for September 2015, beating out Yahoo News and Buzzfeed once again.  CNN (84 mm) also narrowed the gap with Yahoo News (90 mm) in multiplatform uniques, and beat all other competitors including Buzzfeed (77 mm).

CNN continued to dominate across social platforms with more fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter than any other news organization.

For the month of September 2015:


Multi-platform Unique Visitors

Behind only Yahoo News (90 mm), CNN beat all other news competitors in multi-platform uniques (desktop + mobile), beating third-place Buzzfeed by nearly 7 mm visitors.

CNN:  84 million unique visitors

  • Buzzfeed.com – 77 mm unique visitors
  • The New York Times Brand – 66 mm unique visitors
  • Washingtonpost.com – 59 mm unique visitors
  • USAToday.com – 58 mm unique visitors
  • Foxnews.com – 55 mm unique visitors
  • Huffingtonpost.com* – 45 mm unique visitors

CNN is #1 in Multi-platform Views

CNN also secured the top spot for desktop and mobile views, beating second-place Yahoo News by 18% and third-place Foxnews.com by 62%.

CNN:  1.6 Billion Views

  • Yahoo News – 1.3 B views
  • Foxnews.com – 968 mm views
  • Washingtonpost.com – 672 mm views
  • Buzzfeed.com – 643 mm views
  • MSN News – 623 mm views
  • The New York Times Brand – 527 mm views

(Source: comScore MultiPlatform, September 2015.)

CNN is #1 in Desktop Uniques

CNN claimed the number one rank in uniques, beating Yahoo News by more than 3 million uniques.

CNN:  38 Million Uniques

  • Yahoo News – 35 mm uniques
  • Huffingtonpost.com – 33 mm uniques
  • NYTimes.com – 29 mm uniques
  • USAToday.com – 23 mm uniques
  • FoxNews.com – 22 mm uniques

CNN is #1 in Desktop Page Views

CNN soundly beat all of the competition in desktop page views in September.

CNN:  846 Million Page Views

  • Yahoo News – 709 mm page views
  • Foxnews.com – 620 mm page views
  • MSN News – 518 mm page views
  • Drudgereport.com – 420 mm page views
  • Washingtonpost.com – 348 mm page views

(Source: comScore Media Metrix, September 2015.)


CNN is #1 in Video Streams

For the fifth month in a row, CNN outperformed all competitors in video streams.  CNN beat Yahoo News by 71 million streams and more than doubled Buzzfeed.

CNN: 238 Million Streams

  • Yahoo News – 167 mm streams
  • Buzzfeed.com – 104 mm streams
  • FoxNews.com – 102 mm streams
  • NBCNews.com – 51 mm streams
  • MSN News – 43 mm streams

CNN Video is #1 in Unique Viewers

More people watched video on CNN than any other news site in September.  CNN bested Yahoo News by 38% and more than doubled FoxNews.com and Buzzfeed.

CNN:  25 Million Unique Viewers

  • Yahoo News – 18 mm unique viewers
  • FoxNews.com – 10 mm unique viewers
  • Buzzfeed.com – 10 mm unique viewers
  • NBCNews.com – 9 mm unique viewers
  • MSN News – 9 mm unique viewers

CNN Video is #1 in Minutes Consumed

People spent more time watching video on CNN than any other news site last month.  CNN doubled the minutes consumed on MSN News and was five times greater than that of Buzzfeed.com and NBCNews.com.

CNN:  1.7 Billion Minutes

  • Yahoo News – 1.1 B minutes
  • FoxNews.com – 1 B minutes
  • MSN News – 468 mm minutes
  • NBCNews.com – 295 mm minutes
  • Buzzfeed.com – 282 mm minutes

(Source: comScore Video Metrix, September 2015 – Desktop) 


CNN is #1 in Social

CNN continues to beat other news competitors in social mentions, including ABC, CBS, Fox, Huffington Post, MSNBC, NBC, New York Times, NPR, Wall Street Journal and Yahoo!  CNN is the news leader for social with more fans and followers than competitors.

  • More social mentions than any other news organization.
  • The most followed social news brand with 19 mm Facebook fans.
  • Nearly 50 mm Twitter followers across CNN’s main accounts, more than any other news organization.
  • 1 million Instagram followers, more than any other news organization.*
  • Nearly 1 million YouTube subscribers.

(Sources: Social mentions: Sysomos, 9/01/2015-9/30/2015. Other news organizations include ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS, MSCNBC, Huff Post, NYT, WSJ, Yahoo!, NPR, and HLN; Facebook & Twitter API through 10/20/2015. Fans and followers are for flagship accounts across Facebook and Twitter. Twitter includes @CNN and @CNNBRK for CNN data. Social news brands include ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS, MSCNBC, Huff Post, NYT, WSJ, Yahoo!, NPR, and HLN; Instagram followers:* Shareablee, 9/30/2015. CNN represents flagship account for Instagram. Other news organizations include Fox, MSCNBC, Huff Post, NYT, WSJ, BBC World News, Yahoo!, NPR, and HLN; YouTube subscribers: Shareablee,9/30/2015. CNN represents flagship account for YouTube.)