October 21st, 2015

CNN Politics Shatters Records in Seventh Straight Month as #1


CNN Politics broke records in every measured digital politics category to claim a seventh straight month as the number one political news destination in September 2015.

Complementing the historic ratings success of the CNN Reagan Library Debate in September, CNN Digital recorded all time records in multiplatform unique visitors, mobile unique visitors, multiplatform page views and video starts.

In the month of September 2015:

CNN Politics: #1 Multi-platform Unique Visitors (Desktop + Mobile)

Drawing in an all-time record number of unique visitors in September, CNN Politics marked its seventh consecutive month as the dominant leader in the Politics category, outpacing second place HuffPost Politics by nearly 10mm unique multi-platform visitors.

CNN Politics: 25mm unique visitors

  • HuffPost Politics – 15mm unique visitors
  • Fox News Politics – 11mm unique visitors
  • Yahoo! Politics – 11mm unique visitors
  • MSNBC TV – 11mm unique visitors
  • Politico.com – 10mm unique visitors

Sources: comScore Multi-Platform Media Metrix, September 2015. Based on News/Information – Politics Category.

CNN Politics: #1 in Mobile Unique Visitors

Serving a record audience, CNN Politics ranked number one in mobile unique visitors and had more than double the mobile uniques of MSNBC and Fox News Politics.

CNN Politics: 15mm mobile unique visitors

  • HuffPost Politics – 7mm mobile unique visitors
  • MSNBC TV – 6mm mobile unique visitors
  • Fox News Politics – 6mm mobile unique visitors
  • Politico.com – 6mm mobile unique visitors
  • TheHill.com – 5mm mobile unique visitors

Sources: comScore Multi-Platform, September 2015. Based on News/Information – Politics Category.

CNN Politics: #1 in Multi-platform Views

Registering a record breaking number of views, CNN Politics saw more than double the number posted by MSNBC and triple the number that Fox News Politics saw in September 2015.

CNN Politics: 178mm views

  • MSNBC TV – 76mm views
  • HuffPost Politics – 75mm views
  • Politico.com – 67mm views
  • Newsmax.com Sites – 52mm views
  • Fox News Politics – 49mm views

Sources: comScore Multi-Platform, September 2015; Views are browser only and include desktop video. Based on News/Information – Politics Category.

CNN Politics: #1 in Video Starts

CNN Politics video team easily extended its seven-month winning streak to claim the number one spot in video starts in September 2015, while breaking its own record set in August.

CNN Politics: 64mm desktop video starts

  • Young Turks Network – 20mm video starts
  • MSNBC TV – 15mm video starts
  • Bloomberg.com – Politics – 3mm video starts
  • HuffPost Politics – 2mm video starts
  • Voice of America – 2mm video starts

Source: comScore Video Metrix, September 2015. Based on News/Information – Politics Category.