October 8th, 2015

CNN Facebook Democratic Debate Live Stream

CNN will offer a live stream of the Democratic Presidential Primary Candidates Debate on Tuesday, October 13, from 8p to 11p ET.  All users will be able to watch live CNN TV online and on their mobile devices without logging in.  This live event will give viewers access to the debate across all platforms to showcase the value of TV Everywhere.  Users can login now to gain access to stories leading up to next week’s debate.

The CNN live stream will be available on CNN.com’s Home Page and across its mobile platforms.  

About TV Everywhere

CNN Worldwide was the first U.S. news organization to stream its full CNN and HLN networks online and on Apple devices in real-time, including commercials. CNN’s TV Everywhere option is available in over 86 million homes and with more than 350 distribution partners.   In the first three quarters of 2015, CNN’s TVE platforms delivered a combined 14 million hours of video content, up 50% vs. the same time last year.  (Source: Adobe, Bango 2015)