August 30th, 2015

CNN’s Poppy Harlow sits down with the parents of slain journalist Alison Parker for an exclusive interview

CNN’s Poppy Harlow sits down exclusively with Barbara and Andy Parker, the parents of Alison Parker, for an in-depth, wide-ranging interview touching on Alison’s career, gun control, and her cameraman Adam Ward.


 Barbara and Andy Parker on fighting for stricter gun laws

Barbara Parker: “From here — you can’t change the world in a day.  I mean, that’s been proven that you can’t change the world in a day.  But we — we cannot be intimidated.  We cannot be pushed aside.  We cannot be told that this fight has been fought before, and that we’re just one more grieving family trying to do something. I — I’ve looked in the camera on other interviews and I’ve said, if you were a parent, if you’re a mother, if you have children, can you look your child in the eye and say, we are willing to allow you to be collateral damage in order to keep what some people perceive as their constitutional rights?  If we as a society are willing to accept that, what kind of society are we?”

Andy Parker: “Alison would be really mad at me if I didn’t take this on, and I promise you — and I’ve said this time and again — these people are messing with the wrong family.  We are going to effect a change, and it’s going to happen. And we need people like Senator Murphy and Governor McAuliffe who are courageous enough to stand with us.  And we will effect a change.”  

Barbara Parker on those that say “If Sandy Hook couldn’t deliver a change, nothing will”: “You think that how could that many children be killed and nothing happen, for it to be ignored?  But what we have to do, there are people out there whose minds we will never change.  They are the people that are unimportant in this fight.  The people who are important are the silent majority who feel the way we do, that some kind of gun control measures are necessary —”


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