June 1st, 2015

CNNMoney Launches American Opportunity

Is the American Dream alive? What is the state of the Middle Class? CNNMoney is tackling one of the most important economic issues of our time with the launch of American Opportunity.

Through stories, video, Q&As and debates, the team will chronicle where economists, think tanks and politicians stand on the big issues: income inequality, class mobility, minimum wage.

It will give a voice to Americans too, as CNNMoney will take an in-depth look at who the middle class really is and why their ranks are shrinking.

The page launches today with a package on the middle class, including the Are you middle class? calculator, an infographic of how to define the middle class and a slideshow of real people on what they think being middle class means.

Explore American Opportunity and check back to see how the big issues and debates develop.