October 3rd, 2014

Father of NBC cameraman diagnosed with Ebola talks with CNN’s Jake Tapper

DR. MITCHELL LEVY, FATHER OF EBOLA PATIENT TELLS CNN’S JAKE TAPPER:”You realize the degree to which the health care system in Liberia is completely overwhelmed, people outside clinics with no room to get in, outside makeshift tents with no access to intravenous fluids and literally dying on the streets.
And Ashoka, for the two or three weeks that he was there, when I would talk with him, would tell us with heartbreaking poignancy watching people just die in the streets because they couldn’t get fluids. And I think that is what his hope was in going, was to really shed light on that and the plight the Liberian people are experiencing, both socially and culturally through the Ebola epidemic.

Please credit — CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper

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