September 24th, 2014

CNN Digital Studios Presents Street Food with Roy Choi

Celebrity Chef Roy Choi takes a dive into the flavors, sounds and styles of Los Angeles in his new CNN web series – Street Food. Roy dips into the lives of cultural tastemakers to get their perspectives on how everyday trends and cultural movements are born. These are influencers who may work in and around Hollywood, but tackle life with a DIY, on-the-ground approach. Thus the title, Street Food.

The latest CNN Digital Studios production goes live on October 13 and debuts across CNN Digital (, CNN Mobile Products, CNN Social), with all eight episodes premiering at once. Interview subjects include: Michelle Phan (YouTube sensation), Jon Favreau (filmmaker), Mike D. (Beastie Boy), Anthony Bourdain (traveler) and Sage Vaughn (artist).

This is the latest series from CNN Digital Studios, the premium digital content arm of CNN, and ahead of Dhani Jones’ Be a Champion due out in early 2015.

Take a sneak peek into the series on, and exclusive early images of some of the episodes to come:

CNN's Street Food with Roy Choi

CNN’s Street Food with Roy Choi

 CNN's Street Food with Roy Chai Talks with Parts Unknown's Anthony Boudain

Roy Choi and Anthony Bourdain (right) talk flavors, sounds and styles of Los Angeles.

CNN's Street Food with Roy Chai Talks with filmmaker Jon Favreau

Roy Choi talks with filmmaker Jon Favreau (left).

 Roy Choi with YouTube Sensation, Michelle Phan

YouTube sensation Michelle Phan (left) grabs a selfie with Roy Choi.