July 31st, 2014

Return to 1968 with #TheSixtiesCNN tonight at 9pmET #ThrowbackThursday

It was the penultimate year of the decade, and 1968 was framed by extraordinary events and turmoil.

During 1968, the Tet Offensive, the Kennedy/McCarthy battle for the Democratic presidential nomination, the assassinations of MLK and RFK, violent student protests around the world, a chaotic Democratic National Convention in Chicago, the Soviet incursion into Prague, and President Johnson’s decision to not run for re-election were pivotal turning points – all ushered in some of the most fundamental social and political changes in American history. Robert Kennedy, Jr., Dan Rather, Evan Thomas, Robert Dallek, Jeff Greenfield, Walter Isaacson, Taylor Branch, Tom Hayden, Mark Kurlansky, Leonard Steinhorn, Todd Gitlin, and others describe one of the most dramatic years in American history.

THE SIXTIES: 1968 debuts Thursday, July 31 at 9:00pm and encores at 12:00am.  All times Eastern.

During the broadcast, CNN senior political analyst David Gergen will answer viewers’ questions about the events of the pivotal year of 1968, and how they still resonate later today, via Facebook.   Viewers can also interact with the series producers via Twitter by following @TheSixtiesCNN and @HerzogCo and using #TheSixtiesCNN.

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