February 9th, 2014

Criminalizing journalism? Glenn Greenwald on CNN’s Reliable Sources

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted live by Brian Stelter, former Guardian  journalist and leader of First Look Media, Glenn Greenwald discusses his plans to return to the United States, even though he believes he may be arrested for his working with NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

CNN political commentator and analyst of “The Blaze”, Will Cain, and CNN political commentator, Sally Kohn spoke with Brian about the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and how reporters are covering the conditions there.

In the discussion, Sally Kohn referred to the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics as, “the gayest opening ceremonies in the history of an Olympics ever.”

Additionally, New York Times columnist and author of “War for Late Night”, Bill Carter discussed the end of Jay Leno’s run as host of NBC’s “Tonight Show” to make way for Jimmy Fallon.

A full transcript of the show is available here.


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